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RBI Grade B Interview Experience

Published on Tuesday, October 25, 2016
interview experience
Hi Reader,
Hope you all are working painstakingly. Of course, you all work really hard. Appearing in exam is quite scary and excited phase, but the toughest part of the exam is final interview.
Because in interviews your confidence, personality, presence of mind and overall demeanor is assessed. Keeping in view the cruciality and importance of interview phase, we are going to share the experience of one of our regular reader Ankita who has cleared RBI Grade B. We congratulate her and pay our heartiest regards for sharing her personal experience of interview. We hope this article will help you to get a gist about what could be asked in interviews and what should be avoided during this. 

Ankita -May i come in?
Panel -Yes please come in and take your seat.
Ankita- (I thanked and smile).
Panel-How are you feeling?
Ankita- It seems Chhota Rajan is going to be enquired today.
Ankita- (shocked at her own reply)
Panel- ( Everyone laughed at Ankita's answer)
Ankita- I never expected that I would reply in this manner. (laughed) 
Panel- You are looking good in this suit.
Ankita- (I thanked and smile)
Panel-You have good academic background. Please tell us something about yourself. 
Ankita- (Answered briefly without boasting about her achievements.)
Panel- Good, Ankit are you a single child?
Ankit- (Nodded in affirmation)
Panel- Have you ever faced any kind of discrimination. 
Ankita- (Aggressively) Yes! 
(She explained with the example of Priyanka chopra and Mary Kom)

(Tip: Keep your emotions controlled during interviews as your aggression affect negatively)

Panel- Good, I respect your thoughts, so lets come to interview.
Panel- What is negative interest rate? What will be its impact on India?
Ankita- (Answered with example0
Panel- What is your optional subject?
Ankita- Replied 
Panel- How does RBI control inflation control? Who is the master controller of inflation in RBI?
Ankita -Mr. Urjit Patel is the controller of inflation and Rajan has also appraised him.
Panel- What is CRR? Give us a simple example because we couldn't understand what was written in the book.

Ankit- (Answered with a basic real life example)
Panel- Now, we all know about CRR. ( laughed) 
Panel-What do you think about Indio-China relation ?
(At that time there were some issues between the two countries)
Ankit- (Answered Positively)
(Panel was not satisfied with Ankita's answer but she avoided any kind of debate.) 
Panel-And what are your views about India-US relationships?
Ankita- ( Smiled and explained in details emphasizing upon the friendship of US President Mr. Barack Obama and Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi. She also referred to the business deals and army treaty between the two countries)
Panel-  Why women are behind the race even in 2016? 
Ankita- (Explained with real scenerio)
Panel- Okay Ankita. Have a nice day. 
Panel- What was your result of class 10 result and your score in maths?

I- 98 marks in maths.
Panel-Thank you Ankita. All the Best.

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