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Seating Arrangement Set for IBPS Po Pre Exam

Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2016
seating arrangement
Direction : Study the following information carefully and answer he question given below:
A group of seven members are sitting in a row facing south. There are three females in the group and
only males sit at the extreme ends of the row. Females sit adjacent to each other. They live in three different cities of the country viz. Delhi, Kanpur and Mumbai in such way that at leas two persons live in each city. There are three persons between P and S.K is on the immediate left of U and is on the immediate right of S.P is the immediate neighbour of R and N. There  is only one between P and U.P lives in Kanpur with only one person who is not female. There are two persons between N and S.R lives in Delhi only with the person who is at the extreme ends with respect to sitting members. W is not at the right end of the row with respect to sitting members. No female is the neighbour of R and W.S is not a female. The one who is in the middle of the row has neighbours who live in Mumbai is a female.

1. Which of the following sit at the extreme ends of the row?
1) R,S
2) W,P
3) R,W
4) S.R
5) P,R

2. How many persons are there between R and N?
1) One
2) Two
3) None
4) Four
5) Three

3. Which of the following is the group of female?
1) K,N,P
2) K,N,U
3) U,K,W
4) K,W,N
5) R,U,N

4. Four of the following five are alike in some way, find out the odd one?
1) R,P
2) N,U
3) K,N
4) S,R
5) W,U

5) Who among the following sits third to the right of the one who lives in Kanpur, in any of the possible case?
1) P
2) R
3) N
4) K
5) W

6) Which of the following is matched correctly?
1) P-Male-Mumbai
2) N-Female-Mumbai
3) K-Male-Delhi
4) W-Female-Mumbai
5) Both 3) and 2)    

Solution : 

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