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Tips to Solve Para Jumbles

Published on Saturday, October 08, 2016
para jumbles
HELLO Readers! So, your preparation of bank exam must be in full swings. Today we are going to discuss about Para-jumbles or rearrangement of the sentences. This topic is really confusing and somewhat difficult for the those whose medium of education was not English. So lets find some tactics to solve these para-jumbled questions.

Read First and Last Sentences

After starting para jumble questions, first thing you need to do is to read the first and the last sentences given to you. These two sentences will give you cues about the rearrangement of the other sentences.

Try to Understand the Oder of the Activity

These para-jumbles questions always follow a course of action, activity or conversation. You should try to understand the course. If the sentence is conversation based based, then you have to focus on the pronouns because the pronouns tell us about the person or the thing that is dicussed.

Understanding of the Clauses 

One of the most important thing to solve para-jumbles is the understanding of the independent clauses and dependent clauses. The reason being that mostly the clauses are split in para-jumbles. If you are able to find the dependent part and the main clause, then everything is easy.

Form the Paragraph

After you have learnt the clauses try to form the paragraph first before choosing the correct answer. Make sure the the sentences are arranged meaningfully.  Suppose you choose PRSQ order, first read the sentences in this order if any doubt occurred, then try another alternative which is close to PRSQ like PRQS. 

Read Newspapers

The best practice for para-jumbles is newspaper reading or magazines. Newspapers and magazines strictly follow the grammatical rules and sentence structures. By reading you learn to comprehend and dig out the essence of the paragraphs. Thus, in you exam you will be able to understand the jumbled sentences

Just remember that nothing is more powerful than your abilities Keep your spirits positive and keep practising. There is no short-cut to success but practice. All the best!!!

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