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Tricks to solve Fill in the Blanks questions

Published on Monday, October 03, 2016
fill in the blanks
Hi everyone!!!! I hope you all are _______ well for your bank exams. Oops I missed a word. So, think of a word that best fills the blank. You might have thought of preparing, studying or working
hard etc. Well, you did a great job! So, the same topic we are going to discuss today, how to fill in the blanks. The blanks given in bank exams are slightly confusing and tough. We are going to share some basic key points to be remembered while filling the blanks. Let's start!!!

1. Read the sentence carefully. 

Before filling the gaps in the sentence, you must read the given sentence carefully twice to get a clear and intact meaning.

2. Try to fill the bank yourself.

After reading the sentence, try to fill the gap without looking at the options given below. The word that strikes your mind should be noted down. Then, find the nearest synonym of the word your thought of.

3. Re-read the sentence.

After choosing the close alternative of the word you initially thought of, re-read the sentence again. Try to find whether the sentence represents intact and complete meaning. If not, then try to replace it with more meaningful and close alternative.

4. Last reading

After you have chosen the best alternative, give a last reading to the sentence and ensure that the answer you provided is suitable and to the point.  You must make sure that the syntax of the sentence is not deformed of violated in any sense.

5. Analyse the structure 

If you are still confuse about your answer, then go for the structure analysis of the sentence.  If the blank is qualifying a noun, then your answer should be an adjective. If the blank refers to a verb, then choose an adverb. If there is article 'an' is used before blank, then your answer must start from a vowel. If 'the' is placed before blank, the look for a specific name, person or place in the options.

Things to keep in Mind

a. Build a strong vocabulary.
b Read between the lines.
c. Practice the structure of sentence
d. Learn new phrases and idioms everyday
e. Find intact meanings of sentences.
f. Practice more.
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