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Error Spotting Practice Set: Hard Level

Published on Tuesday, November 01, 2016
error spotting

Directions: In the following exercise, a sentence is divided into various parts with (/) sign. You have to identify which part of the sentence contains the error. If the sentence is error free, then choose NO Error option.

1. (A) Langar said the work/(B) showed that endothelial cells(C) could line veins, arteries and lymph tissues/.(D) No Error

2. (A) Technical innovations and experiments/(B) with alternative ways of providing infrastructure/ (C) indicates the different principals./(D) No Error 

3. (A) The aim of Baconian/(B) philosophy was to provide/ man with what he required / (C) while he continued to be a man./(D) No Error

4. (A) Bacon fixed his eye/(B) on a mark which was placed/(C) on the earth and hits it in the white./(D) No Error

5. (A) The martyrs who laid down their life/(B) for the freedom of our country/,(C) had a lofty vision of the future/.(D) No Error

6. (A) The phenomenon of terrorism signifies/(B) violence by disgruntled groups of people determined/(C) to achieve certain political goals/(D)  whom they find are not attainable lawfully./(E) No Error

7. (A) Under the constitution which takes over/(B) three years to write, South Africa's mutiracial /(C)'government of national unity'/ (D) has a term of five years./(E) No Error

8.  (A) Love of reading books is/(B) a great source to happiness/(C) to beat boredom,/(D) to defeat loneliness and to resume daily work with new vigour./(E) No error

9. (A) Love is ever waiting for/ something to turn up;/(B) labour with keen eyes and/(C) strong will always turn up something./(D) No Error

10. (A) The danger of poetry's becoming a kind/(B) of after-dinner amusement is far greatest/(C) than the danger of its reverting to/(D) a method of moral instructions/(E) No Error


1. D; no error
2. C; indicate will be used
3. D; no error
4. C; hit will be used. 
5. A; lives will be used
6. D; which will be used
7. A; took over
8. B; source of happiness
9. C; turns up will be used
10. B; greater will be used.

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