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Error Spotting Practice Set: Hard Level For IBPS PO Mains

Published on Monday, November 07, 2016
Error Spotting
Directions: In the following exercise, each sentence is divided into various parts. Find the part of the sentence that contains an error. If the sentence is free from error, then your answer is No error.

1. (A) However, water contamination issues especially that related to natural constitution/(B) like salinity, fluoride, arsenic and iron have been/(C) reported from isolated pockets in/(D) various parts of the country./(E) No error

2. (A) The government is working with/(B) a mission of sustainable agriculture/(C) production with minimum cost of cultivation,/(D) eventually enhances the return on income to the farmer./(E) No error

3. (A) The news channel is accused for airing sensitive/(B) information that compromised/(C) the safety of military personnel and civilians even as/(D) operations were on to neutralize the attack./(E) No error

4. (A) Had the police not/(B) reached here on time/(C) he would have killed/(D) by criminals. /(E) No error.

5. (A) The cricketers did not came out victorious/(B) yet they were not disappointed/(C) rather satisfied because/(D) they had played well./(E) No error

6. (A) When capital punishment/(B) was abolished/(C) people thought that/(D) murders will become more numerous./(E) No error

7. (A) She was so emotional/(B) stable that she was not moved/(C) by their decision to/(D) suspend her./(E) No error

8. (A) The extra-ordinary ability of the satellites/(B) to see, listen and communicate has/(C) made them integral with/(D) modern warfare./(E) No error

9. (A) The captain and/(B) his wife were invited/(C) for the cultural function/(D) at my home./(E) No error

10. (A) I am pleased to sanction/(B) one special increment/(C) to all the employees/(D)  with the month./ (E) No error.


1. A; Those will be used instead of that.
2. D; enhancing will be used.
3. A; accused of is the correct form.
4. C; Would have been should be used.
5. A; did not come out should be used
6. D; would should be used.
7. A; emotionally should be used.
8. C; integral to is the correct form.
9. C; invited to is the correct form.
10. D; from will be used instead of with.

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