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Five-Year Plans - At a Glance

Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Plan Emphasis of Plan Targeted Growth Rate Achieved Growth Rate
First Plan (1951-1956) Harrod-Domar Model One-third of Total expenditure kept aside for agricultural development 21.% 3.6%
Second Plan
PC Mahalanobis Model
Its main objective was rapid industrialisation. Three big industries were established at Bhillai (USSR) ,Durgapur (UK) & Rourkela (Germany) 4.5% 4.2%
Third Plan
Self-reliant & generating economy was the goal and Indian economy enters the take-off stage , Also continued emphasis on heavy and basic industries 5.6% 2.5%
Plan Holiday
Three annual plans were formulated on account of Indo-Pak conflict , two successive years of drought, devolution of currency by 36% and general rise in prices ------- --------
Fourth plan
Growth with stability and progressive achievement of self-reliance, “Garibi Hatao” were 5.7% 3.2%
Fifth plan
Removal of poverty and attainment of self-reliance 4.4% 5.0%
Rolling plan
It was brought out by “Janta party Government” under “Morarji Desai” in 1978 to raise the income of lowest income classes through agriculture employment -------- --------
Sixth Plan
Removal of poverty through strengthening of infrastructure for
both agriculture and industry, involved people’s participation at
local level
5.2% 5.5%
Seventh Plan
Food , work and productivity were the main objectives of this plan 5% 5.5%
Annual Plans It could not take off due to fast changing in political situations at the Center , Therefore from 1990 992, Annual plans were formulated -------- -------
Eighth Plan
To provide a new dynamism to the economy and improve life quality of the common man 5.6% 6.5%
Ninth Plan
Growth with social justice and equality 6.5% 5.5%
Tenth Plan
The plan set certain equity-related social and monitorable targets with  the aim to achieve overall well-being of individuals 8.3% 7.6%
Eleventh Plan
Towards faster and more inclusive growth, increase the growth rate in agriculture, industry and services to 4.1% , 10% and 9% , respectively 8.1% 7.9%
Twelfth Plan

Towards faster growth in Medical, Agricultural, Industry and services .
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