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Quant Questions asked in RRB Clerk slot -1

Published on Sunday, November 13, 2016
Directions (Ques 1-5):  Complete the series given below :
Ques 1.

Ques 2. 12,13,17,26,42, ?

Ques 3. 1,4,18,44,83, ?Ques 4. 8,4,4,6,12, ?

Ques 5. 157,150,136,115,87,?

Ques 6. Simple interest on a sum of 1800 for 2 yrs is 504 at a certain rate per annum. What is simple interest on 2600 for 4 yrs @ same rate per annum?
Ques 7. A car takes 1hr 15 min to cover 125 km. How much time will it take to cover 80 % of distance travelled in minutes ?

Ques 8. A sum amounts to be 1331 for 2 yrs @ 10% per annum on compound interest. Find the sum invested ?

Ques 9. 44% of the population of the town is male. 25% of the male is graduate & 20% of female are a graduate. How much percent of total population is graduated ?
Ques 10. A boat in Downstream covers 35km in 2(1/2) hours. If the speed of the current is one-sixth of the speed of the boat in still water . Find the speed of the current ?
Ques 11. The average weight of 45 students of a class is 52 kg. If five student of average weight 56 left. What is the average weight of rest of the students ?

Ques 12. A can do a piece of work in 40 days. B do same in x days . Both can do together in 9(3/13) days . In how many days B can do same work alone ?
Ques 13. A mixture of 80 litres of milk and water has the ratio of 5:3 . If 16 litres of mix. is removed and 6 litres of water is added . What is the quantity of water in final mixture ?

Ques 14. An article sold at 272 rs/- & incurred a loss of 15% what should be sold price if it is sold at 35% profit ?
Ques 15.  A person spends his monthly salary on certain items such as 20% on rent , 15% in grocery & 20 % of remaining on Education of children , & he saves 20800 rs/- what will be the monthly salary of the person?

Solutions will be uploaded tomorrow
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