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Reading Comprehension Sentence Improvement For IBPS PO/Clerk Exams

Published on Monday, November 14, 2016
Reading Comprehension
Directions (Q.1 – Q.10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
India’s tourism industry is experiencing a strong period of growth, driven by the burgeoning Indian middle class, growth in high spending foreign tourists, and coordinated government campaigns to promote ‘Incredible India’. The tourism industry in India is substantial and vibrant, and the country is fast becoming a major global destination. India’s travel and tourism industry is one of them most profitable industries in the country, and also credited with contributing a substantial amount of foreign exchange. This is illustrated by the fact that during 2006, four million tourists visited India and spent US $8.9 billion. Several reasons are cited for the growth and prosperity of India’s travel and tourism industry. Economic growth has added millions annually to the ranks of India’s middle
class, a group that is driving domestic tourism growth. Disposable income in India has grown by 10.11% annually from 2001-2006, and much of that is being spent on travel. Thanks in part to its booming IT and outsourcing industry a growing number of business trips are made by foreigners to India, who will often add a weekend break or longer holiday to their trip. Foreign tourists spend more in India than almost any other country worldwide. Tourist arrivals are projected to increase by over 22% per year through till 2010, with a 33% increase in foreign exchange earnings recorded in 2004.
The Tourism Ministry has also played an important role in the development of the industry, initiating advertising campaigns such as the ‘Incredible India’ campaign, which promoted India’s culture and tourist attractions in a fresh and memorable way. The campaign helped create a colorful image of India in the minds of consumers all over the world, and has directly led to an increase in the interest among tourists. The tourism industry has helped growth in other sectors as diverse as horticulture, handicrafts, agriculture, construction and even poultry. Both directly and indirectly, increased tourism in India has created jobs in a variety of related sectors. The numbers tell the story: almost 20 million people are now working in the India’s tourism industry. India’s governmental bodies have also made a significant impact in tourism by requiring that each and every state of India have a corporation to administer support issues related to tourism. A new growth sector is medical tourism. It is currently growing at around 30% per annum. Medical tourist arrivals are expected to reach one million soon.
Medical tourism in Asia has grown rapidly. Medical tourism is approaching fever pitch at the tune of $4 billion US, fuelled largely by the cosmetic surgery market. One of the problems India has, despite having some world-class hospitals, is sanitation. The tourism industry of India is based on certain core nationalistic ideals and standards which are: Swaagat or welcome, Sahyog or cooperation, Soochanaa or information, Sanrachanaa or infrastructure, Suvidha or facilitation, Safaai or cleanliness and Surakshaa or security.

Ques. 1. Choose the word which is MOST OPPOSITE in meaning of the word burgeoning as used in the passage?
1) thriving
2) sprouting
3) incorporating
4) decreasing
5) growing

Ques. 2. Find the correct statement on the basis of the given passage.
(A) The tourism industry in our country manages to attract the world tourist.
(B) India has continued to represent a place much sought after for its diversity.
(C) India has potential to emerge as one of the world's tourist hot spots.
1) Only (A)
2) Only (C)
3) Both (A) and (B)
4) All (A), (B) and (C)
5) Other than given options

Ques. 3. Choose the word which is MOST SIMILAR in meaning to the word "cited" as used in the passage?
1) pointed out
2) withheld
3) inserted
4) imputed
5) sourced

Ques 4. Which of the following statements correctly represent (s) the reason behind the expansion of India's travel and tourism Industry?
1) India is a vast country of great beauty and diversity.
2) India's vast cultural heritage
3) The successful launch of very penetrative ad campaign
4) Business trips to India
5) All of the above

Ques. 5. What is the meaning of the phrase "fever pitch" as used in the passage?
1) A high degree of excitement
2) A state of suffering
3) Beyond the expectations
4) Meeting the target
5) Other than given options

Ques 6. Which of the following is false in respect of India's medical tourism?
1) India's medical tourism sector is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%.
2) An estimated one million tourists will travel to India for healthcare procedures every year.
3) The advantage of medical treatment in India includes reduced costs not the availability of latest medical technologies.
4) All 1), 2) and 3)
5) Other than given options

Ques 7. Give a suitable title to the given passage.
1) Medical tourism in India
2) Tourism Industry–A special focus of India
3) Foreign tourist arrival and forex earning in India
4) Domestic Tourism in India
5) Employment Opportunities in Tourism

Ques 8. The author in the given passage is
A) skeptical about the growth of India's medical tourism
B) of the view that lots of efforts can bring about significant changes in India's tour and travel industry.
C) not in favour of investing on various ads
1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Only C
4) Both A and C
5) Both B and C

Ques 9. As mentioned in this passage, in order to developing the tourism industry the role of the tourism ministry is
1) Considerable
2) Imperceptible
3) Unique
4) Ambiguous
5) Other than given options

Ques 10. Which of the following statement is true about "Incredible India" campaign?
1) It is a window policy to boost the direct as well as indirect investment in tourism.
2) It promotes India as a tourism destination.
3) It pledges for best services in Air India and in Indian Rail.
4) Only 1) and 2)
5) All 1), 2) and 3)

Directions (Q.11–Q.15): Which of the phrases 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 given below each statement should replace the phrase which is underlined in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and No correction is required, mark 5 as the answer.

Ques 11. The boy made out when the land lord of the house appeared.
1) the boy made him out
2) the boy made in
3) the boy made up
4) the boy made off
5) No correction required

Ques 12. I have bought nine sheets that are blue in colour.
1) that is blue colour
2) which are blue in colour
3) that blue in colour
4) that is blue in colour
5) No correction required

Ques 13. What do you prefer most tea or cold drink?
1) do you prefer
2) do you prefer mostly
3) do you prefer more
4) do you like to prefer more
5) No correction required

Ques 14. For millions of fans his retirement from chess has been a greatest shock.
1) have been a greatest shock
2) had a greatest shock
3) will be a greatest shock
4) have been the greatest shock
5) No correction required

Ques 15. A large number of my colleagues called for the doctor when I was admitted.
1) called in doctor
2) called on the doctor
3) moved on doctor
4) walked on the doctor
5) No correction required

Answer Key–

Answer 1. 4
Answer 2. 4
Answer 3. 1
Answer 4. 5
Answer 5. 1
Answer 6. 3
Answer 7. 2
Answer 8. 2
Answer 9. 1
Answer 10. 2
Answer 11. 4
Answer 12. 5
Answer 13. 1
Answer 14. 4
Answer 15. 2

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