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Strategy for IT officer - SBI/IBPS SO exam

Published on Wednesday, November 09, 2016
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Hi Folks, 
Since exam season is around the corner, hope your preparations are in full swing. Today, we are going to discuss the strategy for IT officer in Specialist Officers (SO) exam.
As we know only professional section marks are counted for interview call and other sections are only qualifying, it becomes imperative for us to beat the scoring section brutally. For qualifying sections, you already have enough information and material available on this portal & for professional, we have been posting articles covering important concepts. 

Study Material

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An IT officer is mostly engaged in the task of maintenance (servers, databases & networking) and in-house development as Digital Banking is increasing its footprint exponentially in India.

The core topics include DBMS, Networking, Software Engineering, Operating Systems & programming fundamentals

Database Management System (DBMS)

In recent times, focus has been on Oracle. We intend to cover up topics/terms/keywords specific to that. One article was posted earlier is available at Important Oracle Database questions. Besides that, normalization, data warehousing, data mining and distributed databases assume significance as they are rapidly being used at enterprise levels. Out of 50 questions in professional section, you can surely expect 5-10 questions from DBMS. 


From this section, questions have been frequently asked on topologies, different layers of OSI model, TCP/IP, firewalls, protocols and network security. Network security (digital signatures & encryption algorithms) is one topic we'll cover in upcoming days as in today's scenario, all e-commerce applications & businesses attach great significance to that. 

Software Engineering

From this topic, questions are generally asked from development cycles, testing methodologies, different models for software development and other small topics related to Information Systems. We plan to cover this in upcoming days. 

Operating Systems

From this section, usually basic questions about processes, scheduling, file systems and memory management are asked. We had covered all those topics earlier under PK series. We'll try to cover a few things about mobile operating systems (Android, iOS etc) relevant for this exam in future. 

Programming Fundamentals

From this section, basic questions may be asked from latest development trends across the technology spectrum. In past, we have seen questions appearing from Java (language, applets & servlet), OOPs concepts, exception handling, run time errors and development techniques for performance optimization. Basic data structures topics like sorting & searching, time & space complexities come under this section only. We will keep coming up with important articles on same. 


There are a few other areas which are important to cover if you want to remain ahead in the game and beat the opponents handsomely. Topics like cloud computing, basic Unix & Linux stuff, computer architecture fundamentals, APIs and latest automation & web technologies will increase your probability of being less shocked in the exam, score good and make it to the interview stage. Please keep visiting us for relevant articles on these topics. 

All the articles written previously under PK series can be found at Link to download

So, start today with your preparations and give yourself another chance to light firecrackers after you have the appointment letters in your hand (pollution check, please!). Happy Studying, Cheers!
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