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English Quiz on Phrasal Verbs: Part 1

Published on Monday, December 26, 2016

Direction: In the following exercise, a part of the given sentences is underlined. Find out the meaning of the underlined phrase or word.

1. He frequently goes back on his words.
a. repeats his words
b. confuses others
c. stumbles
d. breaks his promise

2. I cannot make out what you say.
a. rely upon
b. believe
c. understand
d. solve

3. The officer wanted to stave off an open battle.
a. postpone
b. wait and see
c. allow to take its own course
d. prevent

4. No one but his conscience advised him to come back to earth.
a. return home
b. return to earth
c. return to reality
d. be honest

5. Rakesh takes after his parents.
a. follows
b. imitates
c. obeys
d.  resembles

6. The country's economy has begun to look up now.
a. remain static
b. improve
c. look clear
d. go down

7. He cannot put up with his nasty son.
a. control
b. endure
c. forgive
d. appreciate

8.  To look quickly through a book is an important study skill.
a. to skim
b. to summarise
c. to outline
d. to paraphrase

9. As she was turning out some papers she came across the information she had been searching for.
a. saw from distance
b. found unexpectedly 
c. touched
d. read quickly

10. She tries very hard to keep up with her rich neighbours.
a. to imitate
b. to keep touch
c. to avoid
d. to be on par

1. d. breaks his promise
2. c. understand
3. c. allow to take its own course
4. a. return home
5. d.  resembles
6. b. improve
7. b. endure
8. b. to summarise
9. b. found unexpectedly 
10. a. to imitate

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