Error Detection Test Series: Part 3

Error Detection Test Series: Part 3
Directions: In the following exercise, a sentence is divided into four parts, i.e. A, B, C and D. Find out which part of the sentence contains an error. If the sentence has no error, then select your answer as E.

1. (A) The combination of dryness/(B) and low pressure lead to/(C) xerostomia, also known/(D) as cotton mouth./(E) No error

2. (A) Technology has made/(B) possible that a river/(C) who looks dirty today can be/(D) turned into your primary source of water tomorrow./(E) No error

3. (A) The world has gone for three/(B) water revolutions/(C) and these have happened/(D) because of crisis./(E) No error

4. (A Climate change and clean/(B) energy was the key areas of connect/(C) between President Barack/(D) Obama and Narendra Modi./(E) No error

5. (A) When we communicate with/(B) each other, we are/(C) effecting each other’s biology/(D). Each one of you has an electromagnetic./(E) No error

6. (A) Brexit has been the main focus/(B) as former British Prime Minister/(C) David Cameron arrived on interaction at the Hindustan/(D) Times Leadership Summit on Saturday/.(E) No error

7. (A) Referring to the two countries/(B)’ shared love for cricket, he pointed/(C) to the plight of Alastair Cook’s team, which is in Dubai on a break/(D) before the fourth Test starting in Mumbai on December 8./(E) No error

8. (A) Then, secondly, there arised the question/(B) whether the methods of exact/(C) science sufficed to explain/(D) the connection of phenomena/.(E) No error

9. (A) It was very beautiful; but /(B) the idle fairies were too much frightened/(C) from the mischief their /(D) disobedience had caused./(E) No error

10. (A) As per reports, Pakistani/(B) actress Mahira Khan's role has been cut off in/(C) the Shah Rukh Khan'S/(D) upcoming film 'Raees'./(E) No error


1. B; Leads should be used.
2. C; that should be used instead of who.
3. A; gone through should be used.
4. B; were should be used instead of was.
5. C; affecting is the correct word.
6. C; arrived for should be used.
7. C; who should be used.
8. A; arouse is the correct word.
9. C; at should be used instead of from.
10. B; cut down is the correct phrase. Cut off means to stop the supply of something. Cut down means to decrease the length.

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