Error Detection Test Series: Part 4 ( Article Based)

Directions: In the following exercise, a sentence is divided into four parts, i.e. A, B, C and D. Find out which part of the sentence contains an error. If the sentence has no error, then select your answer as E.

1. (A) An old man in the/(B) crowd warned Julius/(C) Caesar from the/(D) danger of death on certain day/(E).  No error

2. (A) Mr. Parkash leads/(B) a very busy/(C) life so he goes/(D) everywhere by a scooter/(E). No error

3. (A) He does not like this/(B) type of a man who/(C) does nothing but find/(D) fault with others/.(E) No error

4. (A) Now days workers are/(B) less interested in money as/(C) such and appear to be more concerned/(D) about opportunities for autonomy and freedom./(E) No error

5. (A) Knowledge of regional language is/(B) necessary  for bank officers/(C) because they are to/ (D) understand what their customer say/(E). No error

6. (A) Having finished his breakfast/(B) he started working on/(C) the problem that had/(D) been awaiting disposal for the long time/.(E) No error

7. (A) Kabir and Rahim are/(B) great poets but the/(C) former is greater/(D) than latter/.(E) No error

8. (A) You have been learning Tamil/(B) for last one year but/(C) you show no/(D) improvement whatsoever/. (E) No error

9. (A) He has been sent to the prison /(B) several time but has/(C) shown no improvement/(D) in his conduct./(E) No error

10. (A) On my request/(B) Jatin introduced/(C) me to his friend who/(D) is singer and a scientist/.(E) No error


1. D; On a certain day should be used. 

2. D; by scooter is correct. a should be removed.

3. B; this type of man is correct. a should be removed.

4. A; now a days is the correct answer.

5. A; the knowledge should be used.

6. D; for a long time is correct. 

7. D; than the latter is correct. 

8. B; the last one year is correct. 

9. A; sent to prison is correct. 

10. D; a singer and scientist is correct. 

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