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How To Tackle Stress During Exam Preparation

Published on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hey Friends,
I wish you all are doing great in your life. I am writing this article for those aspirants who take a lot of stress for their exam. I know that job, career and placement is everyone's ultimate goal and nobody likes to be unsuccessful in his or her life. But do you think taking lots of stress can help you in any way?? Definitely No!!! Stress eats you from inside as well as it reduces your ability to concentrate on your studies. Here I am going to share some stress-buster tips with you and I would like to know in the comment section what you do to tackle stress so that others can be benefitted with your ideas.
Let's Start!!!

1. Know your syllabus well

The major reason for your anxiety is your lopsided information about the exam syllabus. After applying for an exam, the thing you need to do is to get detailed syllabus and exam pattern. It will clear your confusion.

2. Well-structured Study Plan

After getting detailed syllabus, make a study plan. Divide sections according to your strengths and weaknesses. Like if you are weak in English then give some extra time to that section. Just making a study plan is not enough, you must follow it with dedication and determination.

3. Time-Management

Time management is an invincible weapon in your hand. You can either make perfect use of it or just can waste it. Smart preparation is when you manage your time wisely. You have 24 hours. Now it is up to you how can you divide this time into various subjects and sections

4. Perfect Place To Study

Everyone has his or her perfect or comfort area to study in the house. Convert that place into an exam hall. Pin drop silence, perfect lightening solutions and comfortable sitting arrangement will increase your concentration as well as prepare your mind for exam-like ambience.

5. Set Up Small Goals

You should learn to challenge yourself. Set up small goals like you can decide to solve a mock test or you can opt 50 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. These small challenges will boost up your speed and increase your confidence in yourself.

6. Self-Rewards

Whenever you achieve a small goal set up by you only, never forget to give yourself a reward. You can even ask you mother, brother or sister to give you a reward after accomplishing a task. The rewards can include your favourite chocolate, ice-cream your favourite dish or anything you would like to get. It builds a healthy competition spirit in you.

7. Meditation and Exercise

I understand that your exam is important but not as important as your health is. I recommend meditation and exercise to everyone who thinks a lot and is overly-stressed. Meditation increases your concentration and relaxes your mind. On the other hand, exercise keeps you energetic the whole day and helps you to carry your activities easily.

8. Take Enough Sleep

Sleep is the most important thing for you. If you skip your sleep or does not take enough sleep then my friend, I am sad to say that your abilities to concentrate, to solve the questions and to understand the topics will gradually decrease. So, never skip your sleep.

9. Short-Breaks

Whenever you plan your study-hours, never forget to spare some time for short breaks. After every 2 hours take a break of 5 minutes. You can listen to your favourite song, play with your pet or just talk to the person around you. These small breaks will prove refreshing for you.

10. Walk! Walk! Walk!

If you are sitting for a long time, then must get up and take a short walk. You can also read while walking. Include morning walk in your routine and a short walk in your study plan. A study shows that students who walk after 2 hours of study perform well than those who keep sitting at a place. 

11. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Never let your body go out of the water. Water is the basic requirement of your body and increases your immunity. Water is more helpful than coffee or tea. Coffee and tea have caffeine while water has no such side effect on your body. You can also go for green tea or herbal tea.

12. Healthy Diet 

A healthy diet is all that your body needs. Include fruits, dry fruits and milk products in your diet. Never try to fill your tummy in once. Eat after short breaks. Avoid oily or fast food as these foods cause acidity and can ruin your concentration. 

13. Talk to Someone

Sometimes all we need someone to clear out our doubts. Whenever you come across some problems, never feel shy to discuss it with others. You can go online to find the solution or to some guide or teacher. Sometimes you skip very important things and repent later.

14. Meet You Friends

Never ignore your personal life for your exam. You must spare a day to meet some close friend. Talking to them will burst your stress. You can also share your problems with your friends. But I suggest you talk and have fun rather than discussing your problems. This will freshen up your mind.

15. Eat Chocolate

This is my personal favourite thing and I guess everyone else's favourite too. Chocolates have some very good qualities. It fights with stress hormones and keeps you energetic and stress-free.

16. Listen To Music

Sometimes give yourself a treat of your favourite music or song. Listening to your favourite song will wash way your tensions and stress.

Things To Do On Exam Day

  • Eat Breakfast Properly.
  • Drink Enough Water.
  • Skip Extreme Caffeine Intake.
  • Reach Exam Centre Before Time.
  • Never Rush to Solve The Questions.
  • Manage Your Time.
  • Breathe In Breathe Out.
  • Stop and Think.
  • Take Short Break If Needed.
  • Avoid Post-Exam Discussion.

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