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Mission Bhagiratha: Safe Drinking Water Scheme- Explained

Published on Saturday, December 31, 2016
Mission Bhagiratha: Safe Drinking Water Scheme- Explained


Mission Bhagiratha, a new initiative started by the state government of Telangana to provide safe drinking water to everyone in the State through dedicated water pipeline channels in the state. To confederate the mission, The state government has designed a water grid project to provide a
sustainable and durable solution to the problem of safe drinking water. The Main objective of this Mission “Bhagiratha” is to provide 100 litres & 150 litres of clean drinking water per person in rural households and in urban households respectively. The Final deadline for the completion of the water grid project is March 2018.

Fast Facts:

  • The Project “ Mission Bhagiratha” was started by the State Government of Telangana with a support of Union Government.
  • The Project will cover 67 urban and 25000 Rural habitants across the States.
  • This Project will provide 100 Litres in rural Households & 150 Litres in Urban Areas.
  • The expected costs of the project is around 42,000 Cr.
  • Mission Bhagiratha Project will rejuvenate 45,000 water tanks with dedicated pipelines.
  • For this Project The Government of Telangana estimated to utilize a total of 34 Thousand Million Cubic of water from River Godavari.
  • This projects also utilize 21.5 Thousand Million Cubic of water from River Krishna, i.e. It is known as mother of all the rivers.

Concept of Mission Bhagiratha:

  • The Government of Telangana constituted a “water grid pipelines” that would depend on water resources available in River Krishna and Godavari. 
  • The Government of Telangana estimated to utilize a total of 34 Thousand Million Cubic of water from River Godavari and 21.5 Thousand Million Cubic from River Krishna for the water grid pipelines to provide clean drinking water to every household in the state. 
  • Plans are ready to use water from Sriram Sagar Project, Srisailam, Komuram Bheem Project, Jurala Dam, Paleru Reservoir, Nizam Sagar Project. This scientifically designed project intends to use the natural gradient wherever possible and pump water where necessary and supply water through pipelines channels. The state-level grid will comprise of a total of 26 internal grids.
  • The Telangana state government will be using latest and Upgraded technology for the proposed Water Grid project. In this Project “Advanced Light Detection and Ranging” (LIDAR) technology would be utilized for survey of the Water Grid and the “Lightweight aircrafts” will be engaged only for aerial survey.
  • According to the Media Report the Government of Telangana will use hydraulic based modelling software for determining the shape and size of water pipelines, pumping capacity and the height from which the water would be pumped.
  • In this Software Programme, The software tools like smart flow and surge analysis would be used to resolve any problems that arise in distribution of water.
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