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Pradhan Mantri Zero Deficit Zero Effect Scheme: Explained

Published on Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Pradhan Mantri Zero Deficit Zero Effect Scheme: Explained


“Zero Defect, Zero Effect Scheme” or “ZED” is a new initiative launched by Prime minister Narendra Modi. The scheme is launched to increase the quality of products matching global standards for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Sector i.e. MSME.


  • The main objective of this “Zero Effect, Zero Defect” scheme is to supress the bad effect of products on environment. While MSME sector plays a vital role in the GDP of a country i.e. India , this scheme also helps to contribute to environment as well.
  • The main purpose of this Scheme is to Match the Global quality control standards.
  • This Scheme ensures that all the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises are delivering High quality product using clear technology.
  • Under this ZED scheme, The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises companies which follows the guidelines set by ZED and meet the standards set by the ZED will be awarded ZED certification along with various benefits.
  • All MSME plays a vital role in the economy and by creating good quality products the country will be able to lift up its infrastructure, etc. That means it’s a major steps taken by Narendra Modi Government towards the development of the country.
  • Under this a few parameter was fixed that are specific for each MSME industries.

Benefits of ZED certification:

  • lower costs and Streamlined operations.
  • Reduced rejection, Superior quality and higher revenues.
  • Increased social and environmental benefits.
  • Generation in Employment.
  • It may control the pollution level in some of the largest cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata.

ZET Model:

  • The MSME companies will be given a strict guidelines based on which they have to work around the procedures. 
  • The main focus will be to enhance the quality and to lift-up the environment. 

Government Support:

  • To help the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises through Funding and Proper training.
  • The Government will emphasise on producing items that have “Zero Deficits” so as to achieve the quality.
  • The main aim of Government to encourage a sustainable environment & development and therefore all the parameters will be to encourage through same way.

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