Quick Vocabulary Bites: Part 2

1. Frigid:  भावरहित

Meaning: Very cold in temperament; emotionless
Synonyms: Frosty, Cold-Hearted, Unresponsive, Flinty
Antonyms: Passionate, Warm, Responsive, Amicable
Usage: My frigid aunt did not smile when she saw my adorable newborn sister.

2. Plebeian: साधारण

Meaning: very common or simple
Synonyms: Conventional, Ignoble, Traditional, Banal
Antonym: Aristocratic, Extraordinary, Different, Infrequent
Usage:  The arrogant rich man called the hotel a plebeian accommodation because it did not offer room service.

3. Relinquish: त्यागना

Meaning: To give up
Synonym: Renounce, Retire, Abandon, Abdicate
Antonym: Claim, Retain, Gather, Treasure
Usage: Don’t relinquish your dream of getting into high school.

4. Secluded: एकांत

Meaning: Uninhabited or lonely
Synonym: Remote, Sequestered, Cloistered, Secret, Cloistral
Antonym: Inhabited, Occupied, Unreserved, Populated
Usage: The dog was placed into a secluded home after vaccination.

5. Acme: शिखर

Meaning: the point at which something is at its best
Synonyms: Zenith, Peak, Pinnacle, Meridian
Antonyms: Base, Bottom, Nadir, Abyss
Usage: At her acme, the singer was earning over thirty million dollars a year.

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