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Why Students Fail in IBPS, SBI, RRB exams

Published on Monday, December 26, 2016

Hi students
Today we will discuss why students fail in bank exams. Lakhs of students appear in bank exams like IBPS PO Pre, RRB, SBI PO etc. but 90% of those students fail.
Today, we will discuss the main reasons behind such large number of failure.

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The Reasons Behind Failure

Reason 1

  • The first reason is the lack of quality study material. There are lots of books available in the market. But those books were published in 2009-10. Students are still running after those books. Viz. the quantitative aptitude books by RS Aggarwal or M.K. Pandey’s books are considered the best selling books, but the questions in these books are really very easy. You won't find even a single question from these books in your exams and this becomes the major reason of your failure.
  • Then students go online and search for books on or Flipkart. The most popular book with good reviews is purchased by students. But do you know most of those reviews are fake. And if these books benefit the students, But those books are for beginners. You are not going to find such questions in the exams. 

Reason 2

  • The second reason behind your failure is the coaching institutes. They are actually concerned about making money, not about your future. Whenever you join a coaching institute, they will give you 3-4 small books of 140-200 pages containing very easy questions. These institutes hire the faculty from their own students who have been failing from last 2-3 years. I am not talking about good quality institutes, but in the cities like Bhagalpur, Ludhiana,Chandigarh, the market is very bad.
  • The students have been teaching. The failures of past years are teaching you and the strugglers are teaching you. The study material is framed in such a way that those students or so called teachers can teach you easily. There are some specific and limited kind of questions and the teacher teaches you to solve only those specified question, nothing else. And if you ask your teacher to solve a question that you have picked from our site or from any other book, the teacher is not going to solve it because they can't do this. But when is comes to mock tests, these low-standard coaching centres approach people like us. We prepare our mock tests very diligently and our team of writers work tirelessly to provide you the best study material. If you try to attempt our mock test, you will realise that you can't even score 30 or 40 marks in prelims. And if you go to your teacher or institute head, they will give you a tailor made answer ” You have to practice” “ Base is not solid; your concepts are not clear” Then why are you downloading all those papers, attempting mock tests and all when your concepts are not clear. Why?? This is all a waste of time. Solving puzzles, DI questions.

Reason 3

  • The third reason is that each and everyone lacks in one or two sections. Like someone is weak in English while the other one lacks in reasoning. The students who studies in their regional languages find it more difficult to attempt english section. And some students even lack in the easiest sections like GK, Banking awareness and computer awareness although all you need to do is to install a mobile app like GK Digest or any other app and dedicate 5-10 minutes on that. 
  • Study material available online is better than the books available in the market. You get it for free and vast knowledge.

Solution by BankExamsToday

  • Now I have come with a solution for you. As i have been working on bankexamstoday fro last five years and in this span of time I have reviewed each and every book available in the market. The books have lengthy and boring paragraphs, outdated content and difficult to understand language. For instance, India book has good content but that is not meant for IBPS and SBI exams. And books like RS Aggarwal don't have DI sections and the exam level questions are nowhere to be seen in these books, then tell me how will you crack the exam?
  • We have prepared 14 e-books for you with concise and complete study material. These books cover each and every topic related to bank exams and the content is written in points for easy understanding. These books are updated after 2 months. We also provide monthly digest for gk. Now comprising of all the sections, contents related to SBI PO, IBPS Po, RRB and IT officer exams, we have prepared a kit for the young aspirants to save you from the clutches of money-hunting coaching institutes. A must buy SMART PREP KIT. Go to the link below and order now….
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