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Basic Rules of Noun for Error Spotting: Part 2

Published on Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rule 1

There are some nouns which are used as it is for singular and plural meaning.  Like lectures, series, species, apparatus, services, fish, sheep, offspring etc

As soon as I walked in that farm I saw two deers.
Correct statement : As soon as I walked in that farm I saw two deer.

Sheeps are grazing in the farm.
Correct statement: Sheep are grazing in the farm.

Rule 2

A compound noun is not used in the plural form for that condition is if the noun does the work of an adjective.

A Twenty miles journey.
Correct statement : A Twenty mile journey.

A ten rupees note.
Correct statement : A ten rupee note.

Rule 3

If same noun comes before preposition and after preposition then the after preposition noun should be in singular form.

Hour after hours.
Correct statement : Hour after hour

Time to times.
Correct statement : Time to time.

Rule 4

While using compound nouns with apostrophe 's', the apostrophe should be put only with the last word.

Her sister's in law's house is very beautiful.
Correct statement : Her sister in law's house is very beautiful.

This is my father's in law's car.
Correct statement : This is my father in law's car.

Rule 5

If any noun or a word ending with 's' and which is in the possessive form in that case use apostrophe without 's'.

Incorrect: Viksas's Car
Correct: Vikas' Car.

Incorrect: Boys's Hostel
Correct: Boys' Hostel

Rule 6

Some noun gives different meaning when s or es is used with them.

Quarter is a noun whose meaning is one forth.
Quarters is a noun whose meaning is place of residence.

Rule 7

Some noun which are used for expressing length and measurements should always be used in singular form and do not use 'of ' after such nouns.

He has dozens of potatoes.
Correct statement : He has dozen potatoes.

Gopal has millions of dollars.
Correct statement: Gopal has million dollars.

Rule 8

When two adjectives having different meaning and which is qualifying same noun are always used with plural verbs.

Summer and winter vacation is compulsory in his school.
Correct statement : Summer and winter vacation are compulsory in his school.

Social and cultural life in India is changing very fast. 
Correct statement : Social and cultural life in India are changing very fast.

Rule 9

We should carefully use plural forms of some noun.some of them are given below.
Singular Noun Plural Noun
Mouse Mice
Stadium Stadia
Criterion Criteria
Phenomenon Phenomena
Crisis Crises
Radius Radii
Syllabus Syllabi
Alumnus Alumni
Addendum Addenda
Mother in law Mother's in law
Basis Bases
Matrix Matrices
Fungus Fungi
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