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Basic Rules of Nouns for Error Spotting: Part 1

Published on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hi Readers!!
Error spotting set in banking exams cover almost all the grammatical rules of English language and one must have the deep-rooted knowledge and practice of all the rules. Thus, we have accumulated some basic rules of noun in this article for better understanding of the concept and the other parts of the same topic will help you to fortify your grammatical skills. 

Rule 1

There are some nouns which are uncountable like Thoughts, scenery,Poetry, luggage, work etc. Such nouns are always followed by singular helping verbs.

  • The scenery of forts in Rajasthan are very beautiful. 
  • Correct statement: The scenery of forts in Rajasthan is very beautiful. 
Here, we are referring to scenery not forts therefore "is" should be used.

Rule 2

There are some nouns which are in singular form like Children,cattle, People,Group etc but are used as plural nouns hence plural helping verb is used with them. 


1. His children is very intelligent.
Correct statement : His children are very intelligent.
2. People is in the favour of this decision.
Correct statement : People are in the favour of this decision.

Rule 3

Nouns ending with s or es like Economics, Politics, Mechanics, Physics, Innings,News, Series etc are used with the singular verb only. 


1. Politics are like business for some people.
Correct statement: Politics is like business for some people.
2. The news of His journey to success are encouraging.
Correct statement: The news of his journey to success is encouraging.

Rule 4

Nouns like scissors, trousers, spectacles , Jeans, thanks, contents, orders, spirits, savings, stairs,assets, requirements, ashes etc are used with plural form with the plural verb only.
His spectacles is very attractive.
Correct statement : His spectacles are very attractive.

My savings is very less.
Correct statement :My savings are very less.

Rule 5

Nouns which are expressing any number are always used in singular form only.

He gave me Five hundreds rupees.
Correct statement : He gave me Five hundred rupees.

Rahul bought two dozens banana from Market.
Correct statement : Rahul bought two dozen banana from Market.

Rule 6

Do not use apostrophe 's' with the non living things . Apostrophe only used with living things and with time, weight, distance and amount only.

House's colour.(Wrong)
Divya's book (correct)
Three kilometer's journey (correct)
Nature's law(correct)

Rule 7

Place 'the' before a proper noun which can be used as a common noun.

His daughter is the scientist of the future.
He is the manager of the Bank.

Rule 8

Noun which are used in collective form like group can be used in both singular and plural form.

Society group made their decision instantly.
Correct statement : Society group made its decision instantly.
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