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High Level Computer Languages: Key Points To Remember

Published on Monday, January 16, 2017


  • In today's era, programmer use lots of languages for programming in which High-Level Languages have lots of contribution. 
  • To overcome the drawbacks of low-level Languages these High-Level Languages are developed. 
  • High-Level Languages are written in statements. Examples of High-Level Languages are FORTRAN, COBOL, Program JAVA, C# etc 
  • These languages are procedure oriented
  • A program written in these languages in one computer can easily be used on another computer. 
  • The programs written in these languages are easier and faster let's discuss some languages. 


  • Abbreviated as 'Formula Translation'. 
  • Developed by IBM nearly in the 1950s. 
  • Used for scientific, engineering calculation and for mathematical operations. 


  • Abbreviated as 'Common Business Oriented Language'. 
  • Developed by U.S. Government committe in 1960. 
  • Widely used in past for business applications and data processing. 
  • It supports a limited number of numeric operations. 
  • Object Oriented version of COBOL is Visual COBOL. 


  • Abbreviated as 'Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code'. 
  • Developed by Dartmouth college in 1965. 
  • Used for scientific and engineering operations. 
  • It is very easy and simple language. 

Visual Basic

  • It is generally called scripting language which is used for combining small program written in BASIC Language. 
  • This tool is mostly used for development of Windows applications. 
  • Development of Windows apps in C is difficult that's why this language is created. 
  • It is object Oriented programming language. 

C language

  • Developed by Dennis Ritchie and Brain Kernighan at AT and T's Bell laboratory in 1972. 
  • It is a general purpose language. 
  • This language first used to write UNIX operating system. 
  • This language also used to write system software, drivers and Commercial software packages. 
  • C++ is an extension of C Language. 
  • C++ is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the year 1980. 
  • C++ is object Oriented language. 

C# language

  • Developed by Microsoft and this language appeared nearly in 2000. 
  • The Recent stable version is C# 6.0 released in 2015. 
  • This language also pronounced as See Sharp. 
  • Used for development of software, GUI application and also for games development. 
  • This language is the hybrid of C and C++. 
  • Windows Mobile apps are developed using this language. 


  • Abbreviated as 'Programming Logic'. 
  • Developed by University of Marseilles in 1972. 
  • Main application of this language is for Artificial Intelligence. 
  • This language is capable of handling large number of databases. 


  • Abbreviated as 'list processing'. 
  • Developed by McCarthy in 1960. 
  • This language is mostly used in the artificial intelligence. 
  • This language is suitable for I/O handling and graphics. 


  • Abbreviated as 'String Oriented Symbolic Language'. 
  • Developed nearly in 1960. 
  • Used for text processing. 


  • Developed at MIT by Seymour Papert in nearly 1960. 
  • Used in universities for solving complex scientific problems. 
  • Due to its graphics feature it can be used for educational purposes. 


  • It is developed by Sun Microsystems now which is owned by Oracle corporation. 
  • It is the object Oriented programming language. 
  • This language can be run on any Java virtual machine. 
  • This language is suitable for running on any desktop computer, servers, Internet, microprocessor and lots more. 
  • Now a days all android apps are developed using JAVA. 


  • Abbreviated as 'Structured Query Language'. 
  • This language is developed initially at IBM. 
  • Used for database related application and used by database companies like ORACLE , SYBASE etc. 
  • This language became standard of American National Standard Institute(ANCI) for database query in 1989. 

Some Facts 

  • First High Level Language developed and used was FORTRAN. 
  • First Computer Programmer was a women whose name is Adam Lovelace and ADA programming language is named after her. 
  • First website is made using Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML). 
  • First Version of UNIX operating system was written using C Language.
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