Science Quiz for RRB NTPC Exam

1. Who among the following is honoured as the father of modern chemistry?
a. John Dalton
b. Antoine Lavoisier
c. George Washington Carver
d. Antoine Lavoisier

2. Who among the following invented the period table?
a. Johannes Keple
b. Hans Lippershey
c. William Gilber
d. Dmitri Mendeleev

3. Which of the following gases is the most abundant gas in earth's surface?
a. Carbondioxide
b. Nitrogen
c. Oxiden
d. Ozone

4. Which of the following metals is used in making microchips?
a. Silicon
b. Titanium
c. Cobalt
d. Nickel

5. What do we call the toxicity caused by Silicon?
a. Silicus
b. Siliconis
c. Silicois
d. Silicosis

6. Which of the following polymers is used to manufacture electric switches, computer disk?
a. Polypropylene
b. Bakelite
c. Mylar
d. Neoprene

7. Which of the following chemicals is used for making raincoats?
a. Phenolphthalein
b. Lead chromate
c. Poly Vinyl Chloride
d. Naphthalene

8. Which of the following types of plastic cannot be recycled?
a. Polypropylene
b. Polystyrene
c. Thermoplastics
d. Thermosetting plastics

9. What is the solvent of gold?
a. Aquaregia
b. heptane
c. acetone
d. pentane

10. Which of the following chemical causes the brown colour of human faces?
a. Potash
b. Hypo
c. Freon
d. Bilirubin

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