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Vocabulary Related to Restaurants

Published on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's difficult to retain words in words in mind without using them in conversation. So it's a good idea to relate words to everyday situations. It’s beneficial to remember words with examples instead of remembering only words. This is helpful in improving vocabulary and communication skills.

Vocabulary Related to Restaurant

Yesterday, we went to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday of one of my friends. The restaurant had a pleasant ambiance. There was a good lighting system in the background. I noticed some people were from my hometown. I felt quite nostalgic.
The staff was also very gracious. Variety was available in the food as various cuisines were available over there. The food we ordered was really delectable. The restaurant offered complimentary cake at the end.
However, we had a grievance because there was less space for parking.

Words with Meaning and Additional Examples


Meaning: The character and atmosphere of a place.
The seating area of the hall has good ambiance.
The reason for choosing the hotel was its nice ambiance.


Meaning: Missing familiar things or persons
Students living in hostels often feel nostalgic.
I feel nostalgic when I see photos of my childhood.
Synonyms: Lonely, Lonesome, Sentimental, Homesick, Regretful


Meaning: Courteous, Kind, Pleasant
His gestures were very gracious.
Employees of your company are gracious.
Synonyms: polite, Friendly, Amiable


Meaning: The practice or manner of preparing food.
The menu covers various cuisines.
There are some shops with ethnic cuisines such as Italian and Japanese food.
Synonyms: Foods, Tables, Menus, Cookeries


Meaning: Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste
The dessert offered was delectable.
Food at his birthday party was delectable.
Synonyms: Delicious, Pleasant, Tasty, Delightful, Enjoyable


Meaning: Something that costs nothing
Hotels usually give complimentary coupons to attract people.
Beverages offered were complimentary.
Synonyms: Free, Without Any Charges


Meaning: Complaint
A portal was launched to file grievances.
He was not willing to listen to grievances of the public.
Synonyms: Complaint, Objection
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