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Vocabulary Tricks Part 5: Games and Sports

Published on Monday, January 30, 2017
We all are familiar with the saying that Health is Wealth. Games help us in keeping body alert, youthful and energetic. They have a greater role in instilling a spirit of adventure. By playing games, we get rid of all worries and anxieties.
Games help in learning various traits like punctuality, self-discipline and diplomacy. Children these days do not indulge in physical activities due to which they become obese. They should be emboldened to take part in games.

However, a performance of our country is grossly disappointing in Olympics. Our players are not able to grab medals. Importance is given only to the Cricket. But accusations of match-fixing are harming the image of the game.
Following years of motivation, some sports like Kabaddi and Wrestling are gaining recognition. There is a need to give awards and incentives to sportspersons giving spectacular performances.



Meaning: Establishing an idea or attitude in person's mind.
Example: Self-confidence should be instilled in children.
Synonym: inculcate, implant, fix


Meaning: Making someone or something free of an unwanted thing
Example: You should get rid of your bad habits.
Synonym: clear, free, make free, cleanse


Meaning: A feeling of worry or nervousness
Example: Students are usually anxious before their result.
Synonym: worry, concern, apprehension


Meaning: A distinguishing quality or characteristic
Example: Cooking is a common trait among women.
Synonym: characteristic, attribute, feature


Meaning: The art of dealing with people
Example: He is very diplomatic.
Synonym: tact, tactfulness, sensitivity


Meaning: Involving in an activity.
Example: Don't indulge in unnecessary controversies.
Synonym: Involve


Meaning: Fat or overweight
Example: Many people these days are obese.
Synonym: plump, stout, overweight, heavy


Meaning: Giving courage or motivation
Example: Every story like this emboldens them to follow their dream.
Synonym: make brave, encourage, hearten


Meaning: Extremely; excessively
Example: Their decision was grossly unfair.


Meaning: A charge that someone has done something illegal or wrong
Example: Their plan would provoke accusations.
Synonym: allegation, charge, claim, assertion


Meaning: Identification
Example: He should be given recognition for his hard work.
Synonym: identification, recollection, recall, remembrance


Meaning: A payment or concession to improve output
Example: Employees should be given incentives to improve productivity.
Synonym: inducement, motivation


Meaning: Remarkable and outstanding
Example: Yesterday's results were spectacular.
Synonym: impressive, magnificent, splendid
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