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Vocabulary Tricks Part 5: Games and Sports

We all are familiar with the saying that Health is Wealth. Games help us in keeping body alert, youthful and energetic. They have a greater role in instilling a spirit of adventure. By playing games, we get rid of all worries and anxieties.
Games help in learning various traits like punctuality, self-discipline and diplomacy. Children these days do not indulge in physical activities due to which they become obese. They should be emboldened to take part in games.

However, a performance of our country is grossly disappointing in Olympics. Our players are not able to grab medals. Importance is given only to the Cricket. But accusations of match-fixing are harming the image of the game.
Following years of motivation, some sports like Kabaddi and Wrestling are gaining recognition. There is a need to give awards and incentives to sportspersons giving spectacular performances.



Meaning: Establishing an idea or attitude in person's mind.
Example: Self-confidence should be instilled in children.
Synonym: inculcate, implant, fix


Meaning: Making someone or something free of an unwanted thing
Example: You should get rid of your bad habits.
Synonym: clear, free, make free, cleanse


Meaning: A feeling of worry or nervousness
Example: Students are usually anxious before their result.
Synonym: worry, concern, apprehension


Meaning: A distinguishing quality or characteristic
Example: Cooking is a common trait among women.
Synonym: characteristic, attribute, feature


Meaning: The art of dealing with people
Example: He is very diplomatic.
Synonym: tact, tactfulness, sensitivity


Meaning: Involving in an activity.
Example: Don't indulge in unnecessary controversies.
Synonym: Involve


Meaning: Fat or overweight
Example: Many people these days are obese.
Synonym: plump, stout, overweight, heavy


Meaning: Giving courage or motivation
Example: Every story like this emboldens them to follow their dream.
Synonym: make brave, encourage, hearten


Meaning: Extremely; excessively
Example: Their decision was grossly unfair.


Meaning: A charge that someone has done something illegal or wrong
Example: Their plan would provoke accusations.
Synonym: allegation, charge, claim, assertion


Meaning: Identification
Example: He should be given recognition for his hard work.
Synonym: identification, recollection, recall, remembrance


Meaning: A payment or concession to improve output
Example: Employees should be given incentives to improve productivity.
Synonym: inducement, motivation


Meaning: Remarkable and outstanding
Example: Yesterday's results were spectacular.
Synonym: impressive, magnificent, splendid
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