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Vocabulary Tricks Part 6: Importance of English

Published on Tuesday, January 31, 2017
English is an international and one of the most widely spoken languages. It is lingua franca of modern time. Most of the educated people are well versed in English. 
In India, English is extensively used and has undeniable importance. It has an invaluable role in uniting the country. India is a multi-lingual country but English is an associate official language. One can easily find people speaking English in every state. Many Indians are bilingual and use English to communicate with people of other states.
English is also the premier language. If we want to study abroad, we will have to retain English. It also has an indispensable role in seeking job opportunities. The upsurge of multinational companies in our country is due to the proficiency of Indians in English. Thus, English is a global passport to have a secure future.


Lingua Franca

Meaning: A common language between speakers whose native languages are different.
Example: The national language of Zambia is English, which also serves as the lingua franca.


Meaning: Experienced or skilled in
Example: An educated person these days is expected to be well versed in English.
Synonym: acquainted with, conversant with, familiar with


Meaning: Large in amount or scale
Example: She has an extensive collection of silver.
Synonym: comprehensive, thorough, complete


Meaning: Unable to be denied or disputed
Example: It is undeniable that competition for higher education has changed over the past two decades
Synonym: indisputable, indubitable, unquestionable, beyond doubt


Meaning: Extremely useful
Example: This is an invaluable source of information.
Synonym: indispensable, crucial, critical


Meaning: Using several languages
Example: His son is multi-lingual.


Meaning: Speaking two languages fluently
Example: She is bilingual but she speaks English more comfortably.


Meaning: First in importance, order, or position
Example: He is considered as the premier player for his position.
Synonym: leading, foremost, chief, principal


Meaning: Continue to have
Example: His party retained the seat.
Synonym: maintain, keep, continue, preserve


Meaning: Absolutely necessary
Example: Having knowledge of computer is indispensable these days.
Synonym: essential, crucial, necessary, key, vital


Meaning: Attempt to find (something)
Example: I wrote to him to seek some information about accommodation.
Synonym: search for, try to find, look for


Meaning: an increase
Example: There is an upsurge in criminal activities.


Meaning: A high degree of skill; expertise
Example: He is proficient in mathematics.
Synonym: skill, expertise, experience


Meaning: Certain to remain safe and unthreatened
Example: Her job seems to be secure.
Synonym: certain, assured, reliable, dependable
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