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10 Healthy Lifestyle Practices to Succeed in Competitive Exams

Published on Monday, February 20, 2017

Everyone sees success from Front view. But, lot of things are contributing towards your success, which you should accept. One such thing is living a healthy lifestyle. Yes!!! Only a person living a healthy lifestyle can enjoy his success before as well as after achieving it. He will enjoy the journey towards his goal.
Here I am just sharing 10 healthy lifestyle, which you can practice, while travelling towards your goal of achieving your DREAM JOB !!!

1. Eat Balanced Food:

As swami Vivekananda said “A weak body can’t have a strong mind”, hence take care of your body to live a quality life.
  • Eat healthy food as much as possible. Food not only controls your health but also influence your attitude and sharpness of mind.
  • Try to eat Positive foods such as fruits, honey, fresh vegetables, sprouts, lemon, dates, oats, wheat and so on.
  • Avoid Non-vegetarian and Negative foods such as oily food, fast food items, packed food stuffs, soft drinks and so on.
  • Because positive food increases good cholesterol (HDL), while negative food increases bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • HDL is good for brain power while LDL is harmful to heart.
  • So be conscious of what you eat.

2. Sleep well:

  • Everyone should realize the importance of sleep in keeping your body and mind at their best.
  • The neurotransmitters which are used up during day time, get restored while sleeping.
  • Also, sleep helps the heart and lungs to relax completely.
  • Usually 6 to 8 hours of sleep is enough for a normal person.
  • Hence one should definitely have enough and sound sleep.

3. Do yoga and Breathing exercises:

  • Learn some simple yogasanas and do them daily in the morning.
  • If you don’t know any asana, at least do some physical exercises like walking, jogging or even playing any outdoor games.
  • When you do them, your body get rejuvenated and blood circulation will be supplied to all parts of your body and you will remain active and fresh whole day.
  • Coming to breathing exercise , breathing is everything.
  • Whenever you start to do any work, deeply breath for 3 to 5 times, it supplies sufficient amount of oxygen to your brain.
  • Practice this regularly, surely you will do your work 200 % perfectly.
  • Allot at least 15 minutes a day for doing yoga and breathing exercises you will feel the change in your health and mind power.

4. Do Meditation:

  • Meditation is exercise for your brain.
  • It relaxes your mind.
  • A relaxed mind regulates bio-chemistry of the body.
  • This in turn imparts a sound health to a body.
  • Removes stress from your mind.
  • So, do meditation at least 5 minutes daily, which will improve your health phenomenally and you could able to concentrate on your studies well.

5. Programming the mind:

“The greatest Discovery of your life time is YOURSELF” – Dr.J.N.Reddy.
  • There is super being inside every person. If you could able to bring out that super being to light, you can do wonders in your life. But then, How to bring that super being? The one and only way is programming your mind!
  • All of us have 2 minds i.e. conscious and subconscious.
  • Subconscious mind rules the conscious mind.
  • Conscious mind is the mind of the present. Anything that you do consciously, that will be excellent.
  • Subconscious mind is the mind of the past. It is very powerful.
  • When you wanted to do something, the conscious mind consults your subconscious mind.
  • Subconscious mind approves the proposal, only if you have done similar work in the past.
  • So what happens if you wanted to do a work for the very first time?
  • That is where programming of subconscious mind comes.
  • Subconscious mind can be programmed in many ways, one of the technique is Auto Suggestion.
  • In auto suggestion, you keep on telling yourself some positive words, which get posted into your subconscious mind.
  • Thereafter, those words linger in your mind all the time and constantly guide you to work towards your goal.
For e.g.: If your goal is to become a bank employee, then stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself the following sentences,
➡I will surely become a Bank employee.
➡I will work hard to become a bank employee.
➡I will have a great future.
➡I will be successful in my profession
➡When you tell like this continuously for 5 to 10 days, it get posted in your subconscious mind and it will drive you towards your goal.

6. Be focused:

“ Fall in love with your dream and set a date to it And that is your goal” – Dr.J.N. Reddy.
  • Living without a goal is like travelling without any destination.
  • Most of our problems will disappear if you focus yourself towards your goal.
  • If you do so, whatever you see, you will always be thinking of your goal, breathing your goal, dreaming, talking and working for your goal.
  • To achieve your goal you will decide to work hard.

7. Aim to be your best:

  • Never aim to be the best or to get no.1 position. Yes, if you aim like this, if you didn’t get no.1 position, you will be stressed and you will not wish others to do well. If they happen to do well, you will become unhappy and feel jealous on others.
  • So, what I request you is always Aim to be Your Best!!!
  • This attitude will be a big shift in your approach.
  • Realize, when you compete with your own past performance, you will take it as a pleasure and never as a pressure and also you will constantly improve yourself in the journey towards your goal.

8. Art of time management:

  • Time is precious. Yes, of course!! But not all time is precious, only Quality Time is precious.
  • No one is rich enough to buy back his past.
  • Allot quality time for bank exam preparation. You don’t want to study 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Even if you study 5 to 6 hours daily with full concentration, it is enough to become a bank employee.
  • Make a routine for your study and follow it strictly, because you know about yourself very well.
  • Divide your day into 3 parts. One for your personal life, second for rest and entertainment and the last one for your professional life.
  • If you learn the art of time management, you can reach great height in your life.

9. Be a ZEN master:

“Use ZEN to reach new horizon” – Dr. J.N.Reddy.
  • ZEN is the most wonderful way of living.
  • ZEN is nothing but , Art of living in the Present.
  • ZEN is to be aware of your surrounding and beware of the consequences.
  • A ZEN master never reacts, but always act at a situation.
  • A ZEN master is never absentminded.
  • Whatever he does, it can be either sweeping the floor or climbing the Mount Everest, His work effectiveness would be at its peak.
  • ZEN cannot be taught, but it can only be learnt and practiced.
  • ZEN test: Take a ruled paper and write something on it fast on alternate lines. If you can write the entire page perfectly you are good at ZEN. Even if you are not, you can become by practicing.

10. Celebrate:

“ If you win, You earn, If you fail, you learn”

  • So try to treat both your success and failure equal. Success is not a destination, It is a journey.
  • If you are given a whole watermelon to eat, what will you do? Will you eat it as a whole? No, you will cut it into small pieces and enjoy eating.
  • Similarly divide your goal into many small modules.
  • After successfully completing each module celebrate it.
  • Your celebration can be having your favorite chocolate, enjoying a short nap or going out with your family members.But most important thing is you should come back to do your next module.

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