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Interview Experience IBPS PO: February 7 2017

Published on Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hi students, this is the interview experience of Anmol Aggarwal who appeared for IBPS PO interview today and instantly shared his experience with us. Before appearing for IBPS PO Interview, he had appeared for RRB PO interview. So lets see what was his experience. 

Venue: Lucknow
Date: February 07, 2017
Panel: Second
Total Members in the Panel: 5 ( 4 male and 1 Female)
Anmol was at number three in his group so luckily he got to appear in front of the panel within half an hour.

Anmol: (knocked door) May I please come in?
Interviewee: Yes Sure! Please sit
(Wished everyone good morning and they all answered with smile)
Interviewee:  You gave RRB PO INTERVIEW?
Anmol:  yes sir.
Interviewee:  What did they ask you?
Anmol:  Told all the questions
Interviewee 2: Can you answer these questions? 
Anmol: Answered all the questions
Interviewee 3:  Tell us the headlines of today's newspaper.
Anmol: Told them about Writ against Shasikala and RBI monetary Committee meating.
Interviewee. In which duration RBI declare this review?
Anmol: Two months
Interviewee. U did in CSE. so tell me how can you use your skill in banking?
Anmol:  I told about some subjects and also relate with banking.
Interviewee:  What is UPI and BHIM?
Anmol:  Answered
Interviewee:  You are going to post in remote location in village so tell me how will you manage?
Anmol:  Answered
Interviewee: You know many people in rural area cant read or write then how can you use ur skill for them?
Anmol: I told him about BHIM App that in future after connecting with AADHAR. anyone can pay by using their thumb(during the question they specify that illetrate people can oly use their thumb)
Interviewee: What is global warming?
Anmol: Answered
Interviewee: what are the gases that are responsible for it?
Anmol: I told him about Co2 and C2F5.
Interviewee: So you are talking about thumb and all what do we call this technology?
Interviewee: Thank you Anmol, You  may leave now.
Anmol: Thank you all.

Thank you Anmol for sharing your experience with us and we wish you all the very best for the results.
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