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Reading Comprehension Tips for SBI PO Pre

Published on Wednesday, February 22, 2017


You often come across comprehension in your exams and some of you might find it difficult to read the comprehension and answer the questions. Comprehensions are basically to test your ability to read, to understand, to remember the main idea and significant details given in the passage. Comprehension is one of the scoring sections if you understand the theme line of the context so here are some tips we are going to share which may help you while reading passage from now onwards.

1. Steady Pace

When you read any passage try to read the whole passage on a steady pace. Don’t read the passage in hurry. It’s not only the test of reading but also the test of understanding, so don’t go much faster than your ability to grasp.

2. Point Out Words

Try to point out key words and phrases. Nowadays important words and phrases are already marked bold but if not so try to point them out and connect them in context of the passage. This will help you in understanding the theme line of the passage.

3. Don't Stop Reading

Your attention may blunt by fatigue. Don’t stop reading if you are not aware of meaning of any word or any sentence. If you need to answer any question based on these unknown words/sentences, you may read it one more time; you may sense the meaning of that word or sentence in reference to context while reading further. If you still don’t understand, move on, you can come to this question later, once you are done with all the other questions. You can mark the question for review for this purpose. If you don’t need to answer any question based on these unknown words/sentences, leave them.

4. Never Use Assumptions

You have to answer the questions from the information given in the passage. You don’t need to use your own knowledge or experience there even if you feel that any statement is wrong.

5. Take Overview

Take an overview of the questions before you start reading the passage. This will give you an idea about the depth of the questions asked and you may grab the theme line of the passage quickly while reading. While doing so, you need to go through the questions quickly. Just take a glimpse and there is no need to waste much time on reading the options while doing so.

6. Paragraph Analysis

Analyze each paragraph carefully before you start answering the questions. You should keep a view on transitions from one idea to another in different paragraphs of the passage and try to figure out relationship among different paragraphs of the passage. This will help you in reaching the correct answer quickly.

7. Think Before Marking Answer

Read the question and all the corresponding options carefully before you mark the right answer. Sometimes more than one option is closely related to the right answer. You should analyze and figure them out.
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