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SBI PO Reasoning Puzzle Series - Part 1

Published on Saturday, February 25, 2017
sbi po
Directions (1-7: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
N, P, R, S, T, V, W and Z are eight people who live on eight different floors of a building but not necessarily in the same order. The lowermost floor is numbered one, the one above it is numbered two and so on till the topmost floor is numbered eight. They work in eight different banks viz, UCO Bank, SBI, ICICI Bank, PNB, Union Bank, Indian Bank, Dena Bank and Andhra Bank but not necessarily in the same order.
They work at three different posts such that at least two persons work on the same post but not more than three persons. These posts are PO, Clerk and Manager but not necessarily in the same order.
  • The one who works at PNB lives on an even- numbered floor.
  • Only three people live between the one who works at PNB and R. Those who are clerks live at odd - numbered floor - but not at the ground floor.
  • Only one person lives between the persons who work at Dena Bank and at Andhra Bank. There is a Clerk, between Dena Bank's employees and Andhra Bank's employee Andhra Bank's  employees lives at second floor.
  • Only two people live between R and S. S does not live on the lowersmost floor. One manager lives on the topmost floor. There is an equal gap of floors between two pairs of floors at which the managers live. The gap is of two floors.
  • Only three people live between S and the one who works at Union Bank and only two people live between N and the one who works ad Dena Bank.
  • T lives immediately above N. T lives on an even- numbered floor. N does not work at Union Bank. N does not live either at floor number 3 or 5.
  • P lives immediately above W. Only one person lives between W and one who works at ICICI Bank. The one who works at Indian Bank lives immediately above the one who works at UCO Bank.
  • V does not work at PNB and N does not work at SBI. V does live on ground floor and the one who work at SBI live immediately below Dena Bank.

1. Which of the following pairs represent those who live immediately above and immediately below P?
1. W,S
2. Z,W
3. S,W
4. R,Z
5. W,Z

2. In which of the following banks does N work?
1. ICICI Bank
2. PNB
3. Indian Bank
4. UCO Bank
5. SBI

3. Who among the following works at Union Bank?
1. V
2. P
3. Z
4. N
5. T

4. Which among the following is group of POs?
1. Z, P, R
2. N, W, V
3. P, Z, T
4. T, V, Z
5. P, V, Z

5. Which of the following is matched correctly?
1. W- 3rd floor - Union Bank - PO
2. R- 2nd floor-  Andhra Bank - Manager
3. S- 5th floor - UCO Bank - Clerk
4. V- 7th floor - Union Bank - Manager
5. All are true

6. P lives on which of the following floors?
1. 1st floor
2. 3rd floor
3. 2nd floor
4. 4th floor
5. Other than the given options

7. How many persons are there between the floors on which Z and R lives?
1. Three
2. Four
3. Two
4. One
5. None

Answer :

Indian Bank
UCO Bank
Dena Bank
Andhra Bank
Union Bank

1. S,W
2. UCO Bank
3. V
4. P, V, Z
5. R- 2nd floor-  Andhra Bank - Manager
6. 4th floor
7. Four
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