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Tips To Improve English Speaking Skills Before An Interview

Published on Tuesday, February 28, 2017
All banking and non-banking organisations these days look for candidates who have the ability to speak English fluently. There is no need to worry if your interview is after few days. You can still improve your speaking skills by practicing in the right way.

1. Collect Sample Questions

You should have some knowledge about the questions which can be asked during an interview. The questions can be technical as well as personal. Search and gather all the relevant questions.

2. Use a recorder

You can use the recorder on your cell phone to do practice. You can do this by answering the collected questions aloud. Just give yourself a minute to think about the answer. You can also use a paper to write down some points. However, don't write complete answers, just write the points. Of course, you will not get a minute to think about answers in the interview but remember you are just doing practice to improve your English. After thinking about points for a minute, switch on the recorder and start answering the question based on your points. Try to speak for two minutes and do the recording for as many questions you can.

3. Listen to your recording

When you are done with speaking, start listening to your recorded answers. While listening, try to identify your mistakes like errors in grammar, pronunciation, and fluency (pauses and hesitation). Work on your weak areas and keep practicing as practice is the key to success.

4. Find a friend to practice English

You can phone your friend with whom you can speak English comfortably. You can talk about all the general things. It would be a good practice to improve communication skills for both of you.

5. Mirror Practice

If you hesitate to speak in English in front of others, then you can practice in front of a mirror. Mirror practice is a good option to boost confidence. Try to speak loudly and maintain eye contact with yourself. You will notice an improvement in your confidence level within few days.

6. Adopt habit of reading

Improve your English and keep yourself updated by reading an English newspaper on daily basis. You can even find articles and exercises on the English language in newspapers. You can also read novels, inspirational books or technical articles as per your choice. Just read whatever you enjoy reading so that learning can be fun.

7. Search English stories with subtitles

You can use Youtube or any other search engine to search English stories with subtitles. There are many English stories available according to the levels. You can start learning with simple stories. Stories are a good way to improve pronunciation, to learn new words, and to improve overall English.

8. Think in English

Whenever you are thinking about your interview or some other general things, try to think in English. Thinking in your native language and then converting the sentences is not a good idea. So, just think in English.

9. Avoid your native language

Use as much English as you can a few days before your interview. With this, you will not have a shortage of words as well as you will be more fluent and confident on the day of the interview.
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