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Tips to Make an Interview Successful

Published on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Consider it a conversation

Some people give answers in an interview like any typical question-answer round. However, it is not a correct way. You may have learned answers but don't show it. An interview is a conversation between you and your employer. You have to show that you are interested in talking and make your talk lively. For example, when reasons of something are asked you can start your talk by saying
I think it can be due to....
The predominant factor responsible for......

Do your research

You should know about the organization for which you are going to be appear in the interview. Prepare some general questions asked during interviews. Common questions are generally related to job responsibilities. Search all the general questions and prepare your responses.

Express your point clearly

Employers are never interested in one word or one line answers. So avoid giving simple yes or no answers. Always prove your point and for this, you can give some reasons or examples to elaborate your answer. For instance, a question can be are you good in team work?
Saying yes I am is not sufficient. Instead, you can answer by saying:
yes, I do. When I was in my college, I indulged in many team projects. I learned a lot from my teammates and enjoyed working in a team.

Be Concise

You have to provide examples of your accomplishments but remember to keep your responses to the point. Irrelevant and very long answers can bore interviewers.
Avoid talking negatively about your previous experiences
Interviewers purposely ask questions about your previous job or study experiences. Never talk negatively about your previous job, colleagues and company. This can show negativity in your attitude. Just remember this interview is about your skills and experiences. Tell about the things you have learned as you have to prove you are the right candidate for the job.

Listen Attentively

Interviewer tries to give you information indirectly or directly, try to listen carefully otherwise you can miss major things. Attentive listening is a part of good conversation so make sure the interviewer should be heard properly and interestingly by you. You should try to match his pace and style by observing him/her
Practice non-verbal communication
Be Confident during an interview. Confidence is important to speak fluently and to express your idea clearly. Maintain eye contact while talking as this reflects confidence.

Show Enthusiasm

A firm handshake and plenty of eye contact demonstrate confidence. Speak distinctly in a confident voice, even though you may feel shaky.
Show energy, a sense of humour and smile. Jean Smith, a social anthropologist says: “It’s infectious, being positive and enthusiastic.” 

Dress appropriately

Dress up according to the organization and its culture showing the most professional appearance. Wear clean and pressed clothes and keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum.

Be on time

There is no excuse for arriving late on the day of the interview. Arrive fifteen minutes before your interview to get settled and you can also use this time to complete additional paperwork.

Keep your documents handy

Arrange your documents in an order one day before the interview. You should not get confused in finding any particular paper. If you have to get a print out of some call letter, then do it a day before.

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