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Vocabulary Tricks Part 11: A Library

Published on Monday, February 06, 2017

Books are rightly considered as man's best friends. They give us company whether we are happy or in distress. A library is the best place to access books easily. It is a treasure house of knowledge. A good library is an asset to an educational institute. Students can increase their knowledge by visiting a library in their spare time. The atmosphere in good libraries is peaceful and scholarly.
A library keeps textbooks, novels, newspapers and journals. So, readers can keep themselves equipped with the latest innovations and current events. All the readers are expected to abide by the rules of a library.
Poor students who cannot afford books, a library is a boon for them. Thus, a library renders a great help to such students.
A library has been revolutionized by the internet. The Internet has improved facilities in a library.



Meaning: Extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain
Example: It is difficult to care people experiencing mental distress.
Synonym: anguish, suffering, pain, agony, ache


Meaning: The right or opportunity to use or benefit from something
Example: Do you have internet access?
Synonym: the opportunity to use, permission to use

Treasure house

Meaning: A place for keeping valuable objects
Example: The third floor is the treasure house for the art lovers.
Synonym: coffers, repository


Meaning: A useful or valuable thing or person
Example: Schools are an asset to the community
Synonym: benefit, advantage, blessing, good point

Spare time

Meaning: Leisure or free time
Example:We should have spare time for our hobbies.


Meaning: Involving or relating to serious academic study
Example: These journals are scholarly.
Synonym: academic, educational, scholastic, professorial


Meaning: Prepare (someone) mentally
Example: I don't think he is equipped for the modern age.
Synonym: prepare, qualify, suit, endow


Meaning: A new method, idea, product, etc.
Example: He is always open to new ideas and innovations

Abide by

Meaning: Accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation)
Example: I said I would abide by their decision.
Synonym: comply with, obey, observe, follow, keep to


Meaning: Have enough money to pay for
Example: He is unable to afford a new computer.
Synonym: pay for, bear the expense of


Meaning: A thing that is helpful or beneficial
Example: High oil prices a boon to energy-producing regions.
Synonym: blessing, godsend, bonus, good thing


Meaning: Provide or give (a service, help, etc.)
Example: She always renders help to the needy.
Synonym: supply, furnish, make available, contribute


Meaning: Change (something) radically or fundamentally
Example: New theory will revolutionize the whole of science.
Synonym: transform, alter dramatically, transfigure
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