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Vocabulary Tricks Part 24: Hostel Life

Published on Tuesday, February 21, 2017
A hostel is a place where students are provided with food and lodging. The hostel provides many facilities to students. There is a common room where students assemble to watch television. Some hostels also have reading halls.
Students enjoy community life in a hostel. Students eat together and enjoy excursions. Therefore, life is jovial in a hostel. Hostel life also instils a sense of team spirit.
Some students are studious in hostels. They remain busy with their study. Some feel homesickness and miss their parents. Others are mischievous and they spend their time bullying others. Students should not waste their time in hostels. They should indulge in some fruitful activities like debates or group discussions.
Students of different religions stay in a hostel. Students get knowledge about various religions and cultures. They imbibe the spirit of co-operation. They help each other and become enduring friends.



Meaning: Used for places where people are housed.
Example: Where are you lodging in Paris?
Synonym: Housing, living accommodation, stay temporarily.


Meaning: Collect in one place.
Example: We all have assembled for the evening party.
Synonym: gather, meet, foregather


Meaning: A journey taken for pleasure.
Example: We are planning a summer excursion.
Synonym: Expedition, jaunt, outing


Meaning: Showing high spirit.
Example: Her nature is jovial.
Synonym: joyous, merry, happy, content


Meaning: Gradually but firmly establish an idea or attitude in a person’s mind.
Example: Her parents have instilled confidence into her.
Synonym: inculcate, implant, infuse, introduce


Meaning: A longing to return home.
Example: I may visit my parents next week as I am feeling homesickness.


Meaning: Naughty
Example: Students in the class are mischievous.
Synonym: Ludic, playful


Meaning: The act of dominating a weaker person to make them do something.
Example: Bullying is not allowed in the institute.
Synonym: intimidating, blustery, domineering


Meaning: Giving positive results.
Example: These activities are not fruitful for children.
Synonym: Productive, successful


Meaning: Receive into the mind and retain.
Example: We should imbibe ethical principles.
Synonym: absorb, assimilate, grasp


Meaning: Continuing forever
Example: This is an enduring belief.
Synonym: permanent, everlasting, Unceasing
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