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Vocabulary Tricks Part 26: Ambition in Life

Published on Thursday, February 23, 2017
People without any ambition are like a boat without any rudder. Ambitions give a reason to struggle to achieve success. An ambitious person always surges ahead facing all the difficulties that hinder his progress. 
Some people want to amass wealth by any method. This is not a right thing because such people get trapped in anti-social activities like gambling. There are others who want to serve mankind. They work to alleviate the sufferings of the poor. For example, Mother Teresa rendered a yeoman's service to the destitute.



Meaning: A strong desire to do or achieve something.
Example: Her ambition was to become a pilot.
Synonyms: aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective


Meaning: Flat piece hinged vertically near the stern of a boat or ship for steering.
Example: The little rudder turns the giant ship.
Synonyms: tiller, wheel


Meaning: Move suddenly and powerfully forward or upward.
Example: The journalists surged forward.
Synonyms: gush, rush, stream, flow, burst, pour, cascade


Meaning: Make it difficult for someone to do something.
Example: Language barriers hindered communication between scientists.
Synonyms: hamper, obstruct, impede, inhibit


Meaning: Gather together or accumulate things over a period of time.
Example: She accumulated gold jewellery.
Synonyms: gather, collect, assemble


Meaning: An unpleasant situation from which it is hard to escape.
Example: Looking back now I realise that I fell into the trap of overtraining.
Synonyms: ambush, lure, decoy, bait


Meaning: Play games of chance for money; bet.
Example: He gambles on football.
Synonyms: wager, place a bet, stake money on something.


Meaning: Make (suffering, deficiency, or a problem) less severe.
Example: Measures to alleviate unemployment.
Synonyms: reduce, ease, relieve, take the edge off, deaden


Meaning: Provide or give (a service, help, etc.).
Example: Money serves as a reward for services rendered.
Synonyms: supply, furnish, make available, contribute

Yeoman's service

Meaning: Efficient or useful help in need.
Example: The minister has performed yeoman service for poor.


Meaning: Extremely poor and lacking the means to provide for oneself.
Example: The charity cares for destitute children.
Synonyms: penniless, impoverished, poverty-stricken

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