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Vocabulary Tricks Part 8: Examinations

Published on Thursday, February 02, 2017
Knowledge of students is judged through examinations. This is also a way of judging teacher's dedication towards their job.
However, examination system of our country has certain flaws. The knowledge imparted is limited to the syllabus. Students also don't apply their minds as they tend to learn the syllabus by heart. Thus, many students pass exams just by cramming.
Exams are regarded as a do-or-die battle. If a student is not able to grasp his syllabus, he enrolls himself in a private tuition center. Students are disillusioned with the system of taking exams because of the corrupt practices. Copying, cheating and bribing to tamper the marks have become a common affair.

There is a need to take certain measures. Rote learning should not be encouraged. Teaching and assessment methods need to be overhauled. However, it cannot be changed overnight and while the transition takes place, the unfair practices should be checked.



Meaning: Commitment to a task or purpose
Example: His quality of dedication is admired by his colleagues.
Synonym: devotion, devoutness, commitment, loyalty, faithfulness


Meaning: A mistake or shortcoming
Example: There are some fundamental flaws in the theory.
Synonym: defect, blemish, fault, imperfection, deficiency


Meaning: Make (information) known
Example: Teachers impart knowledge to their students.
Synonym: communicate, pass on, convey, transmit


Meaning: Regularly or frequently behave in a particular way
Example: Written language tends to be formal.
Synonym: show a tendency, be likely, be inclined, be apt


Meaning: Studying for a short period of time just before an examination
Example: Students are cramming for their final exams.
Synonym: study intensively, revise


Meaning: determination not to compromise or be discouraged
Example: There was a do-or-die situation in the match.
Synonym: last-chance, last-resort, last-minute, final


Meaning: A person's understanding
Example: He is good in grasping details.
Synonym: understanding, comprehension, perception, apprehension


Meaning: taking admission
Example: Ten students are enrolled in the course.
Synonym: register, sign up, apply, volunteer, put one's name down


Meaning: Disappointed in someone or something that is less good than one had believed
Example: The workers are disillusioned with the performance of the party.
Synonym: disenchanted, disappointed, let down, cast down


Meaning: Seeking someone's favour by giving money or gifts.
Example: They tried to bribe the referee.
Synonym: buy off, pay off, suborn, corrupt


Meaning: Damaging or making changes.
Example: Someone tampered with the brakes of my car.
Synonym: interfere, monkey around, meddle, tinker, fiddle


Meaning: Examine or repair
Example: The steering box was recently overhauled.
Synonym: service, maintain, repair, mend, fix up


Meaning: Repetition of something to be learned
Example: She never learns by rote.
Synonym: without thinking, mindlessly, from memory, by heart


Meaning: Period of change
Example: Several abrupt transitions are noted in the company.
Synonym: change, move, passage, transformation, conversion
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