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BankExamsToday Express Bites: Part 17

Published on Friday, March 03, 2017
  • Cache memory is a small, high speed RAM buffer located between the CPU and the main memory. It buffers or holds a copy of instructions currently being used by the CPU. 
  • EEPROM (Electronically Erasable PROM) is a type of ROM in which data can be erased by sending a special electric charge. Chip can be then reprogrammed. Modern computers use EEPROM to store BIOS. 
  • Parallel Port is a type of port which transmits and receives several bits of data at a time. It is used to connect Printers. Serial port is a type of port that transmits only one bit at a time. It is used to connect hard disk, CD-ROM. 
  • FORTRAN (Formula Translator) is a high level language which is used for scientific and engineering field. 
  • Assemblers translate the assembly language codes into machine codes. 
  • Shortcut key Alt+I+C is used to insert new column. 
  • Hubs are used to connect together two or more Ethernet segments of any media type. A hub takes any incoming signal and repeats it out all ports. 
  • Downlink is a term related to receiving data from a satellite. 
  • Array is a group of logically related elements identified by a single name. 
  • Full form of DIMM is Duel Inline Memory Module. 
  • Gigabyte represents one billion characters.1 Giga byte is equal to 1024 Megabyte. 
  • Pseudo code is a cross between human language and a programming language. 
  • Backup is protecting data by copying it from the original source to a different destination. 
  • Haptic technology refers to technology which interfaces the user via the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations and motions to the users. Game controllers, joy sticks are the common form of simple haptic devices. 
  • XOR Gate is a logic circuit that functions like the logical operator known as exclusive OR, yielding a false output when both inputs are true or both are false and otherwise yielding a true output.
Test Your Memory Take Quiz

EE in EEPROM stands for
a. Electrically Engrossed
b. Erasable Electronically
c. Electronically Erasable
d. Erasable Engrossed

______ is a type of port which transmits and receives several bits of data at a time
a. Parallel Port
b. Serial Port
c. VGA Port
d.  Socket

Assemblers translate the assembly language codes into
a. binary codes
b. digital codes
c. machine codes
d. gray codes

Shortcut key Alt+I+C is used to
a. insert new column
b. delete the colum
c. merge the coloums
d. select multiple columns

D in DIMM stands for
a. difused
b. diagonal
c. digital
d. duel

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