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BankExamsToday Express Bites: Part 21

Published on Thursday, March 09, 2017
  • Howard Akin of Harvard university develop Harvard Mark - I. This was the first machine ever to execute pre programmed instructions without manual interface. 
  • A minicomputer may be defined as a small general purpose computer that is capable of handling large amount of data from multiple users working simultaneously. 
  • Joy stick is used to move the cursor from place to place and to click on various items in programs. Joy stick is used mostly in computer games. 
  • Printer is an output device that prints text or images on paper or other media. The two main typea of printers are Impact printers and non impact printers. 
  • PROM- Programmable Read Only Memory - is a type of ROM. After the data is programmed into ROM, it can’t be erased or changed. 
  • BASIC (Beginners All Purpose Code) is an high level language used for symbolic Instruction teaching. 
  • Firmware is a software program or set of instructions programmed on a hardware device. It provides the necessary instructions for how the device communicates with the other computer hardware. 
  • Multiprocessing - A computer processing mode that provides for simultaneous processing of two or more programs or routines by use of multiple CPU’s within a single computer system. 
  • The full form of OOPS is Object Oriented Programming System. 
  • To activate the ruler, CTRL + SHIFT +F10 is used. 
  • Tablet is a mobile computer without a keyboard. It has a moniter that forms one side of the device. The moniter is touch sensitive and can present a virtual keyboard when input is required. 
  • The legal right to use software based on specific restrictions is granted via a software license. 
  • The speed of clock frequency of a microprocessor is measured in hertz.
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