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Difficult Parajumbling Questions For SBI PO - Part 1

Published on Thursday, March 09, 2017
Directions: In each of the following questions, four sentences are given between the sentences numbered 1 and 6. You are required to arrange the four sentences so that all six together make a logical paragraph

Question 1:

1)  As  several companies are budgeting  crores  of rupees to roll-out software services and mobile apps to help 8 million tax paying entities file returns for the goods and services tax (GST)
A) The GSTN is currently building an offline application tool to help taxpayers, especially those with limited internet connectivity ,upload their  invoices and file their returns.
B) The tool will be developed in a way to enable small and medium tax payers to convert their  invoice data formats into their invoice formats into format compatible with the GST system.
C) The GSTN is the nodal agency in charge of laying down the IT infrastructure  for the new tax system
D) One major concern for several of them is losing market share to a new offline  tool to be launched by the goods and services tax network (GSTN)
6) while  this is a big blessing for small businesses and other entities  looking for a  free and simple solution to comply with GST, there has been disgruntlement among some companies offering services under GST suvidha  and application service providers , who claim that the government’s tool could create conflict for market share.


Question 2:

1) Since the election of president Donald trump , the stock market has been on a tear that few expected before the vote
A) However, having kept officials interest rates near zero for seven years during the great Recession and its aftermath officials said they are keeping a close watch for potential asset price bubbles
B) Since such monetary tightening risks doing more harm to the broader economy than good in dampening specific risks
C) The consensus among fed policy makers, while not unanimous, is that interest rate increases should not be used to prick bubbles in financial markets
D) Share prices, already elevated before the November vote,have broken record high after record high
6) Yet there’s still a reasonable economic argument against raising rates too fast, its true that consumer prices are rising again but overall.US inflation has consistently undershot the fed’s 2% target.


Question 3:

1) Upstart Indian brands beating MNC marquee brands not new. but this one takes the cake or the candy.
A) Last month, the one rupee candy clocked Rs. 300 cr in sales, beating MNC brands as oreo (Rs.283cr in sales, launched in 2011) and MARS bars (Rs.270 cr in sales launched in 2011)
B) Pulse’s brisk sales growth is more impressive considering the stiff competiton in india.
C) Pulse looks like a sweet success compared to the other MNC brands as well. Coca-cola’s much advertised coke Zero in late 2014. Has a sales figure of Rs.120 crore
D) Pulse, a raw mango flavoured tangy candy, was launched by DS group, the makers of rajanigandha pan masala and catch bottled water ,in min 2015.
6) The sweet candy category is estimated at Rs. 6600 cr (hard boiled candies, mints and jellies) and is growing at 12-14% year on year.


Question 4:

1) Helen Keller has an ageless quality about her in keeping with her amazing life story.
A) although warmed by this human reaction, she has no wish to be set aside from the rest of mankind.
B) Blind, deaf and mute from early childhood, she rose above her triple handicap to become one of the best known characters in the modern world
C) when she visited Japan after World war II, boys and girls from remote villages ran to her, crying ‘Helen Keller”
D) she is an inspiration to both blind and the seeing everywhere.
6) she believes the blind should live and work with their fellows, with full responsibility.


Direction: select the most appropriate option, out of the five options given, which, in your view, should be grammatically and structurally correct.

Question 5

a) Existing hard boiled candy brands that “Pulse” competes with include Parle’s Mango bite and Italian maker Perfetti van Melle’s Alpenlieble, besiding a slew of local brands.
b) Parle and Alpenlieble have been established player for more than a decade.
c) Pulse raced to third spot in just over two years in a market where price competition is fierce and brand loyalities is fickle.
d) If the Glucose biscuit you dunk in the tea shrinks or the packet gets lighter from July, you can blame it on the upcoming goods and services tax regime
e) DS group senior VP(new product development ) Shashank surana said : “Pusle” is a highly scalebale brand and it has resonated exceptionally well of consumers. The brand has huge potential.”

Question 6:

a) Federal reserve officials say their decisions in interest rate policy hinge on the ebb and flow of economic data, not the whims of financial markets.
b) The liquidity driven rally in the Indian stock markets that buoyed midcap stock has caught foreign investors short.Their preference for large-cap blue chip stocks meant that mid caps had very little space in their portfolios resulting in them missing the better part of the rally.
c) Capital inflows continued,what ensured both the Sensex and the Nifty were back at their crucial levels.
d) Canada will welcome high skilled Indian professionals as the country seeks the best mind in the world to become a global innovation hub.
e) The government is actively considering a proposal to allow FDI in non food items, besides with food products and a decision maybe taken ahead of the world food event here in Novemeber.

Question 7:

a) There is no denying that Walmart did not flex its e-commerce muscles soon enough, but it is now working out at a rapid pace.
b) Beginning about 1850, a serious of expeditions commanded by officers of the United States Army surveyed the canyon and the surrounding area.
c) I know you’re scared of the exam, but there is no need to panic. It will be based purely on the syllabus defined in you’re textbook.
d) China has hinted at changing its Yuan policy to liberalizing its currency against the dollar, signalling willingness to alter course on exchange rates.
e) Cocoa prices have fallen 35% over the past year in global markets, but that’s good news only of chocolate makers, not Indian consumers.

Question 8:

We have criticized our university students for preferring the security of political science and the safety of …………. To the excitement of social ……… and humanitarian action.

a) college, adventure
b) concealment, revolution
c) acquiescence, dissent
d) tolerance, antagonism

Question 9:

 The police ………….. any attempt of arson by ……… at the trouble spot quite in time.

a) squashed, surrounding
b) made, encircling
c) predisposed, visiting
d) thwarted ,presenting
e) pre-empted, arriving


The domestic and foreign policies of a nation state with a long ….. and continuous historical tradition like India have a certain …… about them.

a)relevant. mystery
b)glorious, uncertainty
c)coherent, inevitability
d)splendid, certainty
e)eventful, unintelligibility

Answers with Explanation

1.  (b) DCAB
2.  (c) DCBA
3.  (a) DACB
4.  (a) BDCA
5. (d)
a) error:”besiding” correct:”besides
b) error:”player” correct:”players
c) error:”is” correct:”are
e) error:”of” correct: “with
6. (b)
a) Error “ in interes rates” Correct: “ on interest rates”
c) error:”what” correct: which
d) error: “mind” correct: “minds”
e) error: “besides” correct:”along”
7. (a)
b) error: “serious” correct: “series”
c) error:” you’re” correct: “your”
d) error: “ liberalizing” correct:”liberalize”
e) error: “of” correct:”for”
8.  (c)
Acquiescence- the reluctant acceptance of something without protest
Dissent- the holding or expression of opinions at variance with those commonly or officially held.
9. (e)
Pre-empted- take action in order to prevent (an anticipated event) happening; forestall
10. (c)
Coherent- (of an argument, theory, or policy) logical and consistent.
Inevitability- the quality of being certain to happen.

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