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Mind Map For Different Types of Computers

Published on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Analog Computer

It was Lord Kelvin who first introduced the Analog computer. In such a computer numerical data are represented by physical variables which can be measured, for example, electrical voltage. A thermometer is a very good example analog computer.

Digital Computer

A certain type of computer that accepts data and processes it in the form of numbers is popularly known as a Digital Computer. In such a computer all the characters are converted into binary code.

Hybrid Computer

A computer which has the features of analogue, as well as the digital machine, is known as a Hybrid Computer. The hybrid computer is generally noticed in the geological departments.

Micro Computer

Microcomputers are small computer which are specifically designed for personal and office use. They are usually inexpensive and have minimum storing and processing speed. Some common examples are laptop or desktop.

Mini Computer

Minicomputers are more powerful than a microcomputer. They have faster memory with better-operating speeds and large storage capacities than microcomputers. They are generally used as a server and are capable of supporting up to 200 users.

Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computers are those types of computers which have very high memory and processing speed. Hence Mainframe computers are used as a server since they can support thousands of users.

Super computer

Supercomputers are the most powerful computers which are used mainly for the purpose of difficult problem-solving requirements. Hence Supercomputers are used in times of research, weather forecasting and Weapon designing and much more.
The first successful supercomputer: CDC 6600
The fastest supercomputer in the world: Sunway TaihuLight of China
India’s first Super Computer: PARAM-8000 which was developed by CDAC Pune in 1998.
India’s fastest super computer: Shasra T which was manufactured by IIS (Indian Institute of Science).


Servers are certain computers that are designed specifically to monitor and solve the needs or request of other programs or computer.


Workstations are like desktop terminals. These are more powerful than microcomputers and are typically networked. A workstation usually serves a single user only.

Information appliances

Information appliances are computers which are used for a specific purpose which is as per the requirements of the user. Such activities may include playing music or photography etc.

Embedded System

A computer system which performs a dedicated function that is for a special purpose is known as an Embedded System. They function within a larger system.
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