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Step by Step Strategy to Solve Syllogism Questions

Published on Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Directions: In each question, there are three statements followed by two conclusions. You have to take the given three statements to be true and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows.

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Question 1. 


Some pens are books.
All books are pencils.
All pencils are jars.


I. All books are jars.
II. Some pens are pencils.


Step 1: Some pens are books.

Step 2: All books are pencils.

Step 3: All pencils are jars.

Conclusion I: All books are jars – Yes
Conclusion II: Some pens are pencils –YES

Answer: Both I and II follows

Question 2


Some bowls are spoons.
Some spoons are forks.
All forks are plates.


I. Some bowls are forks.
II. Some spoons are plates.


Step 1: some bowls are spoons.
Step 2: some spoons are forks.

Step 3: all forks are plates.
Conclusion I: some bowls are forks – NO
Conclusion II: some spoons are plate – YES
Answer: only conclusion II follows

Question 3


Some phones are mobiles.
Some mobiles are computers.
Some computers are keys.


I. Some phones are keys.
II. Some computers are phones.


Step 1: Some phones are mobiles.
Step 2: Some mobiles are computers.
Step 3: Some computers are keys.

Conclusion I: Some phones are keys.- NO
Conclusion II: Some computers are phones- NO

Answer: Neither conclusion I nor II follows.

Question 4.


All papers are files.
Some files are folders.
All folders are bags.


I. Some files are bags.
II. Some papers are folders.


Step1: All papers are files.
Step 2: Some files are folders.
Step 3: All folders are bags
Conclusion I: Some files are bags - YES
Conclusion II: Some papers are folders - NO

Answer: Conclusion I only follows.

Question 5.


All books are mirrors.
Some mirrors are hotels.
Some hotels are buildings.


I. Some buildings are mirrors.
II. No building is mirror


Step 1: All books are mirrors.
Step 2: Some mirrors are hotels.
Step 3: Some hotels are buildings.
Conclusion I: Some buildings are mirrors- YES/NO

Conclusion II: No building is mirror- YES/NO
Answer: either conclusion I or II follows.

Note: Whenever ‘No’ comes you have to check whether it is perfectly true or it may be true.

Practice sets:

Ques 1. 

Some boxes are packets
Some packets are tubs
All tubs are desks
Conclusion I: some desks are packets.
Conclusion II: some desks are boxes.

Ques 2. 

All chairs are rooms
Some rooms are tyres
All tyres are wheels
Conclusion I: some wheels are rooms.
Conclusion II: some rooms are chairs.

Ques 3. 

Some pens are tables
Some tables are leaves
Some leaves are flowers
Conclusion I: Some flowers are pens
Conclusion II: Some leaves are pens

Ques 4. 

All cycles are buses.
Some buses are cars.
All cars are carts.
Conclusion I: some carts are cars
Conclusion II: some cycles are cars

Ques 5. 

All rewards are achievements.
All achievements are successes.
All successes are everlasting.
Conclusion I: all successes are achievements.
Conclusion II: some everlasting are not successes.


1. Conclusion I only follow.
2. Both conclusion I and II follow.
3. Neither conclusion I nor II follow.
4. Conclusion I only follow.
5. Neither conclusion I nor II follow.
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