Vocabulary Tricks Part 32: Rising Prices

In a developing economy like India, a rise in prices is inevitable. Levels of inflation have exasperated the people.
Corruption fuels price rise. It is imperative to take measures to tackle the menace of price rise. Corrupt people should be brought to book.
The rise in prices leads to economic disparities. Continuous hike in prices can cause anarchy. The government must curtail mounting administrative expenditure to check price rise.



Meaning: Certain to happen; unavoidable.
Example: War was inevitable.
Synonyms: inescapable, bound to happen, sure to happen, inexorable


Meaning: A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
Example: Policies are aimed at controlling inflation.
Synonyms: increase, gain, growth, rise, mounting, escalation


Meaning: Irritate intensely.
Example: He is exasperated by the job he does.
Synonyms: infuriate, incense, anger, annoy, irritate


Meaning: Of vital importance; crucial.
Example: It is imperative that standards are maintained.
Synonyms: critical, essential, of the essence


Meaning: A person or thing that is likely to cause harm.
Example: The snakes are a menace to farm animals.
Synonyms: danger, peril, risk, hazard, threat

Brought to book

Meaning: Punish for doing wrong.
Example: Criminals should be brought to book.


Meaning: A great difference.
Example: The disparity in fees between the two schools is disturbing.
Synonyms: discrepancy, inconsistency, imbalance, inequality


Meaning: A state of disorder due to the absence of the government.
Example: We cannot afford to have anarchy and chaos on our roads.
Synonyms: nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, riot


Meaning: Reduce
Example: It will curtail a lot of activities in your life.
Synonyms: cut down, cut back, decrease, lessen, diminish


Meaning: Increasing
Example: Mounting debts are not tolerable.
Synonyms: grow, rise, escalate, soar, spiral

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