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Who is Bank PO? What is he/she expected to do?

Published on Friday, March 31, 2017
Dear Readers,
We would like to congratulate those who made their dream of becoming a Probationary Officer come true and also wish the dream of Bank PO aspirants to succeed.

Who is a PO?

A Probationary Officer is a Management trainee in the Junior Management Cadre(JMGS I), who expected to be the pillar of the branch/office which He/She works.

What do they expect from you?

  • A Probationary Officer is to be punctual and dedicated to her/his work.
  • You need to be assertive and calm.
  • Remember " If you can't handle stress, You can't handle Success".

What will you be expected to do?

  • Adherence of AML KYC guidelines.
  • Business development.
  • Performing operations within stipulated TAT( Turn Around Time).
  • Some administrative tasks such as branch inventory audit, Premises cleanliness audit, adherence of 5'S' practices, and so on.

Real life experience as a Probationary Officer:

  • Mr. NK works as a PO in OCOC Bank. Morning he is expected to reach by 9:15 AM, some days even earlier. He needs to check the Cheque drop box , send cheques for clearance. He performs day-to-day verification of vouchers and tally the EOD report. If there is a shortage of manpower in the branch, he should handle cash counter too.
  • Provide the best services to Customers and maintain a good banker-Customer relationship. At times customer would give fireworks and most pleasant words till they vent their anger, it happens; PO needs patience and should politely handle them.
  • Mr. NK( PO) needs to get certified as a licentiate of Insurance institute (I.e) IRDAI certified and also NISM V A ( for mutual funds). He is expected to bring more new accounts (I.e) banking relationships, also should cross-sell and upsell third party products.

Gear Up! and Wake Up! :

You will be more responsible as a Probationary Officer, need to handle stress and Organisation politics too.
Be polite to your Co-workers irrespective of cadre( remember you are a learner), speak assertively. You can have good conversations, but no loose talks.
Yes, you will be leaving home late; accept it, now you have become more responsibile. Bank pays you 33+ thousand rupees, they will expect you to be productive.
Cheers!! It is the time to excel and prove yourself worthy.
All the best!!
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