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Banking Awareness Quiz with Explanation: Part 13

Published on Friday, April 21, 2017
(1). Where is the headquarter of Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority(IRDA)?
(a) Mumbai
(b) Hyderabad
(c) New Delhi
(d) Kolkata

(2). RBI regulate the banking sector (government and private banks) by
(a) banking reglation act 1935
(b) banking reglation act 1949
(c) banking reglation act 1951
(d) banking reglation act 1969 

(3). What is the term of RBI governor?
(a) 3 year
(b) 5 year
(c) 6 year
(d) None of the above 

(4). BASEL norms are related to BIS. What is 'I' Stands for in the BIS?
(a) Investment
(b) Innovative
(c) International
(d) India 

(5). Which of the following is not an International Stock Exchange?
(a) Tepix
(b) Nikkei 225
(c) FTSE indices
(d) MCX-SX-40 

(6). How many transactions can be made through Money Transfer Service Scheme(MTSS) per calendar year?
(a) 20
(b) 30
(c) 40
(d) 50 

(7). How many stocks are there in Bombay stock exchange (BSE)?
(a) 10
(b) 20
(c) 30
(d) 40 

(8). CAMEL is the international model of rating the banks. What is 'M' stands for in the CAMEL?
(a) Money
(b) Management
(c) Monitor
(d) Marking 

(9). How many stocks are there in National stock exchange (NSE)?
(a) 20
(b) 30
(c) 40
(d) 50 

(10). Where is the headquarter of Pension Fund Regulatory And Development Authority(PFRDA)?
(a) Mumbai
(b) Hyderabad
(c) Banglore
(d) New Delhi 


(1). Answer Key: (b)
Headquarter - Hyderabad

(2). Answer Key: (b)
RBI regulate the banking sector (governmentand private banks) by banking reglation act 1949 and RBI act 1935 which entrusted responsibility on the RBI to work foru the enhancement of banking sector in India .RBI is the sole authority to issue banking licenses to entities who want to open bank in India , and if any bank want to open new branch it has to be take prior approval from RBI.

(3). Answer Key: (a)
The term of RBI governor is for three years and appointed by GOI.

(4). Answer Key: (c)
Basel is a city in Switzerland which is also the headquarters of Bureau of International Settlement (BIS). The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) established on 17 May 1930, is the world's oldest international financial organization. There are two representative offices in the Hong Kong and in Mexico City. In total BIS has 60 member countries from all over the world and covers approx 95% of the world GDP.

(5). Answer Key: (d)
MCX-SX-40 was founded in 2008. It is the youngest exchange with its Head Quarter in Mumbai.

(6). Answer Key: (b)
In MTSS, maximum of Rs.50,000 can be remitted inwards as per the money value and a maximum of 30 transactions per calendar year.

(7). Answer Key: (c)
Sensex is is an index of top 30 stocks in Bombay stock exchange (BSE).

(8). Answer Key: (b)
C – Capital Adequacy, A – Assets, M – Management, E – Earning Profit, L – Liquidity

(9). Answer Key: (d)
Nifty is an index of top 50 stocks in National stock exchange (NSE).

(10). Answer Key: (d)
Headquarter - New Delhi

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