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Cloze Test Quiz From The HIndu

Published on Thursday, April 13, 2017
Salt-makers adding iodine to their (1)_______ and claiming it as "fortified", would have to (2)____ that no less than 30 parts per million(ppm) of iodine ought to be present when manufactured. Also, the iron content of salt ought to be 850-1100 ppm. Similar standards are (3)______ for vegetable oil and milk to be fortified with vitamin A or vitamin D. Moreover. every package of food, fortified with iron needs to state that it is "not recommended for people with thalassemia and people on low iron diet".

The US-based Non-profit Environmental Working Group's review of fortified foods currently on the market found that young children are at risk of consuming too much of three nutrients- Vitamin A, zinc and niacin.According to their investigation, routinely ingesting too much vitamin A from liver supplements can, over time, lead to liver damage, skeletal abnormalities, peeling skin'
The time is ripe for (4)_______ fortification norms in India. The World Bank's "Nutrition at a Glance" research report states that India loses over 12$ billion in GDP to vitamin and mineral (5)_____; 43 percent of children under the age of five are (6)_________.
According to the proposed (7)_____, the target foods to be fortified also include rice, maida, vanaspati and atta, which would be (8)______-in different combinations.
So far there is no requirement that certain foods undergo (9)_______ fortification, but Chief Executive Officier, FSSAI told that "the option was always open". Benefits apart, FSSAI's move comes in the wake of (10)_______ of "over-fortification" of food.
FSSAI (Food safety and standard authority of India) is a Union Health ministry body, under the government of India.

Fill in the blank (1)
(a) cargo
(b) stocks
(c) service
(d) ware
(e) ceramics 

Fill in the blank (2) 
(a) secure
(b) protect
(c) effect
(d) nail down
(e) ensure 

Fill in the blank (3) 
(a) given
(b) generalize
(c) specified
(d) indicate
(e) detailed 

Fill in the blank (4) 
(a) introducing
(b) having
(c) inaugurate
(d) founding
(e) present 

Fill in the blank (5) 
(a) enough
(b) sufficiency
(c) plenty
(d) deficiency
(e) absence

Fill in the blank (6) 
(a) overweight
(b) underweight
(c) deficient
(d) defected
(e) infected 

Fill in the blank (7) 
(a) deregulations
(b) regulations
(c) mismanagement
(d) guidance
(e) moderation 

Fill in the blank (8) 
(a) improve
(b) decrease
(c) deplete
(d) enrich
(e) enhance 

Fill in the blank (9) 
(a) mandatory
(b) supreme
(c) liberal
(d) legal
(e) lawful 

Fill in the blank (10) 
(a) concerns
(b) care
(c) ignorance
(d) carelessness
(e) unease 


1. Answer key: (d)
SOLUTION: Confusing options are (d) and (e) because they are the synonym of each other. But here we are talking about salt makers and this makes option(d) the correct option in the context of the sentence.
Ware- manufactured articles of a specified type; or pottery, typically that of specified type.

2. Answer key: (e)
SOLUTION: ensure- make certain that (something) will occur or be the case
The sentence is about salt makers who have to ensure 30 ppm of iodine in their products(ware). So, option(e) best suits the particular sentence in accordance of the sentence. 

3. Answer key: (c)
SOLUTION: specified- identified clearly and definitely
The particular sentence tells about the specification for vegetable oil and milk corresponding to salt in previous sentences of the cloze test.So, option (c) is correct. 

4. Answer key: (a)
SOLUTION: introduce- bring into use or operation for the first time
From the initial sentences of the cloze test we can get an idea that fortification norms are still not followed in India as the salt makers still present addition of the iodine as an extra special benefit of using thier product.So, option(a) is suitable in context of the cloze test. 

5. Answer key: (d)
SOLUTION: The particular sentence tells about the loses of $12 billion due to vitamin and minerals.Therefore (a), (b), (c) options cannot be used in this sentence. Out of the other options (d) is the most suitable option.
deficiency- lack or shortage of something 

6. Answer key: (b)
SOLUTION: By last correct option(deficiency) we can get an idea is that its effect will be negative.Thus, we can eliminate (a) from the confusing options (a) and (b). So, option (b)underweight is correct. 

7. Answer key: (b)
SOLUTION: The previous lines of the passage tells about the introduction of new norms for fortification laws and rules. So, option (b) is correct.
regulations- a rule or directive made and maintained by an authority 

8. Answer key: (d)
SOLUTION: The particular sentence tells about the fortified foods in which vitamins and minerals are added.This addition of minerals would 'enrich' different kinds of food given in sentence. So, option (d) is correct. 

9. Answer key: (a)
SOLUTION: mandate- an official order or commission to do something
Option (a) is most appropriate in the context of the sentence. 

10. Answer key: (a)
SOLUTION: The statement of the CEO of FSSAI shows his 'cocern' on over fortification of food.So, option (a) is correct.Option (b)care is not suitable for the sentence.

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