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E-challan and M-parivahan Apps: All You Need To Know

Published on Tuesday, April 04, 2017


  • These two smartphone apps will provide access to various services and information, and enable citizens to report any traffic violation or road accident. 
  • This launch is a part of Prime Minister Narnedra Modi’s Digital India campaign where he is pushing the country to go digital. 
  • According to Transport Secretary Sanjay Mitra, the e-challan app will help traffic police in enforcement of transport laws. 
  • And m-parivahan will facilitate access to various transport-related services. 
  • The apps also have additional functionalities- like road accident and traffic violation reporting by citizen, conept of virtual and enforceable DL/RC and so on, apart from a host of other technological advanced tools, utilities and services. 

Features of E-Challan App

  • It is an integrated enforcement solution to manage traffic violations through an Android-based mobile app and back-end web application, for use by the Transport Enforcement Wing and Traffic Police. 
  • It will help in improving transparency by connecting all stakeholders through a common system. 
  • It will also help in easing operations and efficient monitoring through digitization of records. 
  • It will enhance the visibility of offenders, leading to better traffic management. 

Features of m-parivahan

  • It is a citizen-centric app that will facillitate access to various transport-related services. 
  • It will provide a virtual driving licence and registration certificates through back-end connection to the transport national register. 
  • In m-parivahan, if a vehicle number is entered into the app, it will give full details of the car and the owner, including his driving licence and registration certificate. 
  • It will help to check the genuineness of a vehicle’s ownership and driver and help in passenger safety when hiring a driver or when buying a second-hand vehicle. 
  • It aims at improving not only the law and order in India but also making transport transactions more clear and transparent. 
  • The app will also encourage “good Samaritans” through Digital technology. They can report accidents by clicking pictures and reporting to traffic authorities in states and to road transport organizations, with the option of hiding their identity. 

Expected Benefits of e-challan and m-parivahan

  • Usually, travellers come across happenings which need to be reported. It could be accidents where help is required. Here, m-parivahan app can aid people in reporting the law breakers and ensuring that they are punished. 
  • The users can click a picture of the accident and upload it to the Minitry account through the m-parivahan app. 
  • m-parivahan app will be updated to have a complete registry of each and every vehicle with its details. Using this, purcahsers of second hand vehicles can easily check whether the information provided to them was accurate or not. 
  • Purchaser can check the age of the vehicle, driver details of the vehicle. It will help users to be safe from frauds. 
  • Using e-challan and m-payments apps, traffic police can issue digital challans to the law breakers and keep a track of all the vilolations. 
  • Every officer will have access to all the violaters. 
  • Online license will make it easy to check the details of the vehicle and there will be no need for the driver to keep physical documents with him/her. 

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