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Data Analysis & Data Sufficiency Quiz for SBI SO 2021

Published on Monday, April 19, 2021

The budget was of Rs. 120 crore with a fiscal deficit of Rs.20 crore for the same financial year.

Ques 1: How much was BURA Surplus ?
a) Rs 4.8 crore
b) Rs 4 crore 
c) Rs. 0.8 crore 
d) Rs. 40 lakhs 

Ques 2: If 50% of the earning head ‘Other’ was a Central Government aid ,then how much was it worth?
a) Rs 50 crore 
b) Rs.19 crore 
c) Rs. 9.5 crore 
d) Rs. 95 lakhs 

Ques 3: If total spending on Police is taken from Sales Tax then what percentage of sales tax is spent on other hands?
a) 70% 
b) 33% 
c) 67% 
 d) 60% 

Ques 4: If the municipal corporation accounts for 80% of the collection of sales tax ,20% of the collection of property tax and 7% of the total collection of excise tax in their books of accounts and gives the rest to the central and state governments ,the, in the financial year 2004-2005 ,the collection of which of the three mentioned taxes was maximum?
a) Sales 
b) Excise 
c) Property 
d) Both (a) and (b) 

Ques 5: The amount under the head ‘debt’ is spent totally to exactly meet the interest on an old loan, taken at 5% simple annual interest ,which the municipal corporation has to pay every year .to make up for the fiscal deficit of this year, again, a loan is taken at 10% simple annual interest ,which will be due in the next budget; how much interest will the corporation pay on total debts in the next financial year?
a) Rs 2.4 crores 
b) Rs.2 crores 
c) Rs. 4.4 crores 
d) Rs. 4 crores 

Directions: Each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficientficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and give answer-

Mark[1]: if the question can be answered by using statement I alone.
Mark[2]: if the question can be answered by using statement II alone
Mark[3]: if the question can be answered by using either of the statements,I and II, alone.
Mark[4]: if the question can be answered by using both the sataements together
Mark[5]: if the question cannot be answered.

Ques 6: Abba ,Babba,Chabba ,Dabba and Ebba are standing in the descending order of their heights .The boy having a letter repeating the maximum number of times in his name is the shortest .Who ,among the five ,is the tallest?
I.One of the boys standing at the end positions does not have the same number of different letters in his name as any one else.
II.The boy with the maximum number of different letters in his name taller then Ebba.
a) [1]
b) [2]
c) [3]
d) [4]
e) [5]

Ques 7: Uma made a necklace using round and triangular beads only.She noticed that exactly 10% of the round beads in her necklace were yellow and number of yellow round beads .Find the number of triangular beads used in the necklace.
I.Exactly 30% of the total beads were round .
II.The total number of triangular and round beads used was 4000. 
a) [1]
b) [2]
c) [3]
d) [4]
e) [5]

Ques 8: There is a club whose members speak either Urdu or Bengali or both .Find the number of people who speks only Urdu.
I.There are 350 people in the club and the number of people who speak both Urdu and Bengali is 216.
II.The number of people who speak only Bengali is 72.
a) [1]
b) [2]
c) [3]
d) [4]
e) [5]

Ques 9: There are two boxes ,one contains 8 cubes and 6 spheres and the other contains 6 cubes and 12 spheres .One object is transferred at random from the first box to the second.Find the probability that an object selected from the second box is a cube?
a) 7/19 
b) 156/133 
c) 67/133 
d) 46/133

Ques 10: In a garden ,40% of the flowers are roses and the rest are carnations if 25% of the roses & 10% of the carnations are red ,find the probability that a red flower selected at random us a rose. 
b) 5/8 
c) 1/20 
d) 5/4


Ans 1.

→ Total money earned =120-20  =Rs.100 crore
→ BURA surplus =4% of total money earned
Hence (b)Rs. 4 crore

Ans 2

→ Desired value =50% of 19% of total money earned.
=50/100 * 19/100 * 100 crore
Hence (c) Rs. 9.5 crore

Ans 3

→ Sales tax =Rs.40 crore
→ Spending on police =11/100 * 120=13.2 crore
→ Desired percentage =26.8/40 *100%
→ Hence, (c) 67% is the right answer

Ans 4

→ Total money earned =Rs.100 crore
→ Total collection of sales tax =40/80 * 100  =Rs. 50 crore
→ Total collection of property tax =10/20 * 100  =Rs.50 crore
→ Total collection of excise tax =4/7 * 100  =Rs.57 crore (approx.)
→ Hence (b) is the right answer

Ans 5

→ Interest on old loan due next year =2% of Rs.120 crore =Rs.2.4 crore interest on new loan due next year =10% of 20 crores=2 crores .
→ Total interest due next year , on debts =2.4 + 2 =Rs.4.4 crores.
Hence, (c) is the right answer

Ans 6

From the data given,Babba is the shortest and is standing at the end.From statement I: Abba and → Dabba have 2 different letters in their names,Dabba and Ebba have 3 different letters in their names.Hence, only Chabba can be first position and is the tallest.
→ Thus ,statement I alone can answer the question .From statement II: Chabba has 4 different letters in his name ,hence he is taller than Ebba and standing before Ebba .But ,this information is not sufficient to answer the question, Hence ,[1].

Ans 7

→ From statement I: Number of yellow triangular beads =1.2 * 0.1* 0.3*(total beads) .But from this we cannot find the number of triangular beads.
→ Thus statement I alone is insufficient to answer the question .
→ Statement II alone is also insufficient to answer the question.
→ Combining both the statement I & II: number of triangular beads =0.7 * 4000=2800 and the number of beads of yellow triangular beads =1.2*0.1*0.3*4000=144.i.e.,the question can be answered using both the statement. Hence ,[4].

Ans 8

→ From statement I:There are 350 people in the club .Number of people speaking both Urdu and → Bengali =216 .But we do not know how many people can speak only Bengali.
→  Therefore,statement I is not sufficient to answer the question .statement II:72 people speak only → Bengali.But the total number of people in the club is not known ,nor is the number of people speaking both the languages known.
→ From statement II is not sufficient to answer the question.combining both the statement :the number of people speaking only Urdu =350-216-72=62. Hence ,[4].

Ans 9

Let A be the event that a cube is transferre from the first box to the second and let B be the event that a cube is selected from the second box.
→ P(B)=P(A B) (A’ B ) where (A B) and (A’ B ) are mutually exclusive .
→ Therefore,P(B)=P(A ∩ B) + P(A’ ∩ B ) .
→ P(A)=8/14=4/7. P(B/A)=7/19
→ Therefore,P(A ∩ B)=P(A).P(B/A)=4/7 * 7/19 =4/19
→ Similarily P(A’ B ) =P(A’) * P(B/A’)
→ P(A’)=6/14 =3/7 P(B/A’)=6/19
→ Therefore , P(A’ B ) =3/7 * 6/19=18/133
→ Required probability =4/19 +18/133=46/133.Hence ,[d].

Ans 10

→ Suppose there are 100 flowers.
→ Number of roses = 40 and the number of carnations =60 .
→ 25% of 40 =10 roses are red and 10% of 60 =6 carnations are red.
→ Let A be the event that the flower is red and B be the event that the flower is a rose.
→ Therefore (A ∩ B ) is the event that the flower is a red rose.
→ n(A)=16 ; P(A)=16/100
→ n(A ∩ B)=10; P(A ∩ B)=10/100
→ P(B/A ) =probability that the selected flower is a rose given that the flower is red in colour .
→ P(B/A )=P(A∩B)/P(A) =(10/100)/(16/100)=10/16=5/8. Hence ,[b].
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