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Vocabulary Bites For SBI PO 2017: Part 32

Published on Wednesday, April 19, 2017
There was a cooking competition held in the college, plethora of candidate participated in it. But speaking frankly, there was dearth of skilled candidates (since it wasn't a nationwide competition). In the first round, they were given a task to prepare delicious tea. Just 100 candidates make it to the next list. Rest prepared quiet insipid tea, thus got rejected. Rejected candidates then started tussling over the judgment, and thus trying to vitiate the tranquil ambience. Later, with the help of police, they were
were ostracised from the campus. Now, the competition was among top 100. They were given a common dish to prepare. Everybody did their best. Now the time had to come to announce the result. Jury extolled efforts of all the candidates (before announcing the name of the winner). Mistakenly, runner up (sita) was announced as winner (Geeta) , later the statement was retracted and Geeta was announced as winner.

Vocabulary :

  • Plethora: lots of / profuse
  • Dearth: lack of / paucity of. / Opposite. Of plethora
  • Insipid: lacking in taste
  • Tussling: to fight
  • Vitiate: to spoil
  • Tranquil: calm
  • Ambience: environment
  • Ostracise: to exclude / prevent someone from taking part in a group
  • Extol: to praise
  • Retract: to take something back.

Now, I Urge you to construct such sentences which use the above vocabulary, Believe me this method will help you to fix all these words in your mind permanently.

By: Vivek Acharya
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