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Vocabulary Bites For SBI PO 2017: Part 33

Published on Thursday, April 20, 2017
The ubiquity of mobile phones in India is a textbook illustration of technology enhancements. From illiterate to erudite, everyone is using technology but there is huge friction between the two groups of economists over this issue. The first group of economists thinks that technological enhancements will give a thrust to the stagnant economy while the other group is jittery about the penetration of technology in the economy and they think that it is a bad omen for banking industry and it might bring
bring havoc in the form of cyber crimes and thus, enfeeble the economy. But I'd rather prefer to go with the former group that fosters the concept of E-transaction. In order to build cashless ambience, penetration of technology becomes inevitable. On the other side, illiterate people are becoming the victim of cyber crimes and they finally admonish banks for such crime and hence our banking system earned a lot of opprobrium. Banks now have learned a lesson and as a result, awareness is now being instilled in illiterate town with the help of profuse tech awareness camps

Vocabulary :

  • Ubiquity: appearing everywhere
  • Erudite : knowledgeable
  • Friction : conflict
  • Stagnant : constant / not moving
  • Jittery : nervous
  • Penetration: entrance
  • Omen: sign
  • Havoc: devastation
  • Enfeeble: to weaken
  • Foster: to promote / encourage
  • Ambience: environment
  • Inevitable: unavoidable
  • Admonish: to scold
  • Opprobrium : scornfully criticised
  • Instill : to fill/ to infuse
  • Profuse : lots of

Now, I Urge you to construct such sentences which use the above vocabulary, Believe me, this method will help you to fix all these words in your mind permanently.

By: Vivek Acharya
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