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Vocabulary Bites For SBI PO 2017: Part 34

Published on Thursday, April 27, 2017
The present government has hinted at ushering in a new law that will coerce doctors to prescribe only generic medicine in lieu of branded one. This will help to break the nexus between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Patients will be able to buy low-cost drug instead of costly (branded) one.
Both generic and branded drugs are tantamount to each other when it comes to their efficacy.
The law initially appears flawless but there are some loopholes in it. First, I’m quite apprehensive
about its implementation. Second, it doesn’t solve the problem but it shifts the nexus from drug producer – doctor to drug producer – distributor. Now, the companies will start approaching distributors by alluring them with high incentives.
Due to the paucity of knowledge/awareness, most of the patients will remain unfamiliar with other available drugs. Once the doctor prescribes the drug, ball comes in distributer’s court. He’ll give such a drug that yields high profit and finally, a customer becomes the victim of high-cost medicine.
To overcome this, the government should come up with price control policy to mitigate exorbitant prices. The government should also contemplate opening new pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra through which patient can obtain the medicine at a reduced price.


Ushering in: bringing in
Coerce: to compel / to force
In lieu of: in place of
Nexus: link/chain
Tantamount: equal
Flawless: perfect
Loophole: drawback/shortcoming
Apprehensive: anxious
Allure: to attract
Paucity: lack of
Yield: to give/produce
Mitigate: to reduce
Exorbitant: high
Contemplate: to think over something

Now, I Urge you to construct such sentences which use the above vocabulary, Believe me, this method will help you to fix all these words in your mind permanently.

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