BankExamsToday Fact Box: Part 2

  • According to IMF data for 2015, India has the highest number of bank branches in the world. 
  • Founding Fathers of IMF & World Bank: John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White 
  • first Regional Rural Bank of India: Prathama Bank
  • First Joint Stock Bank of India: Allahabad Bank
  • Difference between a bank and NBFC: NBFCs cannot issue demand drafts and cannot issue cheques drawn to them
  • The concept that measures the inherent volatility of a particular share: Alpha factor
  • A period where a new insurance policy owner is able to terminate the contract without penalties: Free Look Period
  • The term used to represent one of the stock market trends represented through the index: Chicken market 
  • The logo of the bank of Baroda is called by the Bank's people as: Baroda Sun
  • The branches of selected banks authorised by the RBI to stock rupee notes and coins are called: Currency Chest

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